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Saturday, December 01, 2007

UDA thugs get severe sentences for blackmail, intimidation and money laundering

It is good to report a major success for NI Police - UDA strong man Andre Shoukri ( he replaced north Belfast UDA 'brigadier' Jim Simpson in 2002) has been sentenced to nine years on 18 charges including blackmail, intimidation and acquiring and using criminal property.

The charges against 30-year-old Shoukri included using "certain criminal property, namely a money transfer" from a building society to buy his Clare Heights home in Belfast in November 2004.

John Boreland, 38 from Sunningdale Gardens, also got 9 years, on four charges of blackmail, one of intimidation and one of possessing a firearm, or imitation firearm to commit assault.

Terry Harbinson , 25 from Tyndale Gardens, Belfast, who admitted blackmail, and intimidation and possession of a firearm, or imitation firearm got 7 years.

.. and what a lucky man Former Met policeman Ian Peter Craig, 47, is . Craig of Garland Hill, Manse Road, Belfast, turned mortgage advisor who aided and abetted, counselled or procured Shoukri in the dishonest obtaining of a money transfer received two years, suspended for three years.

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