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Monday, January 28, 2008

Clostridium difficile vaccine - development on track that may produce a useable vaccine in at least 3 years time.

Jab to beat superbugs: British vaccine could save thousands of lives a year is the Evening Standard screaming headline today. (and stablemate Daily Mail)

Well up to a point Lord Copper.

On the 18th December Acambis (LSE: ACM), a vaccine development company, who are developing the first (and only) vaccine against Clostridium difficile-associated disease (CDAD) announced that "a number of vaccine formulations that show improved stability profiles compared with material used in previous Phase 1 trials." ...in outside the lab speak that means they were getting better at producing a potential vaccine.

Furthermore they said they would start (initiate) a proof-of-concept trial of its vaccine towards the end of 2008, which will provide data within 12-18 months of commencing the study.

Dr Michael Watson, Acambis' Executive Vice President, Research & Development, said in their press release of that date ;

'C. difficile-associated disease is a major public health problem and Acambis has the only vaccine in development. We have previously shown that this vaccine can achieve seroconversion rates of up to 100% and, with our formulation work now completed, we are focused on getting our vaccine to proof-of-concept as quickly as possible.'

Acambis say that there are at least 360,000 cases of CDAD in the US alone, with estimated annual costs to the US and European healthcare systems totalling more than $5bn

No need to get excited about jabs crushing superbugs, hygienic handwashing, more controls on antiobiotic use, isolation of patients meanwhile might help.

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