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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ipswich prostitute captured on CCTV - were the 7/7 bombers ???

Maire Alderton , mother of 24 year old Anneli Alderton, told Ipswich Crown Court today how her daughter turned to prostitution to fund her drug habit. She had been in prison four times and had received rehabilitation treatment for drugs.

The police did a remarkably good job of ensuring a CCTV from a train journey Anneli took on the 1753 GMT train from Harwich to Colchester on 3 December, received wide, local, national and international publicity less than 7 days after she was murdered.

How odd that those 4 bombers who travelled from Luton to London on 7/7/2005 , seen by many, many CCTV cameras in car parks, stations, concourse, 3 underground trains and a bus - have never been publicised in the same way.

"Police are scrutinising 80,000 pieces of footage from security cameras to discover how the three young Muslims spent almost four hours in the capital." Times Sept 21st 2005.

All this effort and evidence hasn't resulted in producing a single moving image capturing any of the four (or any other people involved in the bombing). We do of course have a picture said to be of them taken on a "dry run" 9 days before... so it is interesting that Rachel from London , having met John Reid the (then) Home Secretary ( along with others) received a 4 page letter that answered some questions they had raised with him ...eg on CCTV footage

"The Metropolitan Police have told us that the primary reason for this is that the footage forms part of the police evidence. Their practice is to limit the
release of footage to that which is pertinent to progressing their investigation. In deciding what to release, the police need to take into account that any footage could potentially [ underlined] prejudice any prosecutions that result from the on-going police investigation.''

Evidently after 2 1/2 years later , and the alleged perpetrators dead, there is no potential prosecution which could impede the production of such evidence.... and who knows, it may , as in the case of the Anneli Alderton help focus the memory of some members of the public, jogging memories...

Ipswich had 5 drug addicted prostitutes killed ... London still mourns 56 dead and many hundreds more are injured directly or by the loss of children, friends and family.

If the Police can produce such evidence for safety of people in Ipswich , the population of London deserves to see more about what exactly happened that fateful July day which would help to prevent further such tragic events....unless of course the reason is, that no such CCTV film exists amongst ,"the 80,000 pieces of footage from security cameras" on that day.


Anonymous said...

Also, it would be interesting to see in the film (of course, if it exists) who the people Visor Consultants used to act as the 'bombers' for their exercise for a company based on simultaneous bombs going off. Their bombs were staged to go off in the London Underground at the exact same times and locations as happened in real life on the morning of July 7th.
Maybe it was a false flag operation and they used the four 'terrorists' who unsuspectingly did not realise it was for real.

Anonymous said...

Jason Burke wriing in th Observer last weekend (Jan 20 2008):

"One of the last images of Hasib Hussain is from a surveillance camera at King's Cross station concourse, which shows the four bombers together at 8.26am, half an hour before the first explosions. They appear no different from any other group of young men at a station during rush hour.

The twin images, of the young men swiftly saying goodbye at the station, and of the shredded bus, with its top deck peeled back by the blast, have become iconic, summing up both the new terrorism that is striking the UK and the apparent banality of the men who perpetrate it."

The statement that a photograph of the 4 'young men saying goodbye' has become iconic is totally false as no image from 7/7/05 of the 4 accused at King's Cross, or even in London, has ever been made public.

But Mr Jason Burke is an Al Queda specialist though..., so he may be able to view such images, that ordinary mortals aren't allowed to...

paul said...

Mr Burke also thinks AQ exists as a revolutionary terrorist organisation. I'm still too shaken about Santa Claus not turning up to give this my full attention

Shutter said...

The cynicism of my fellow travellers never ceases to amaze....

gepay said...

somehow the 4 CCTV on the exploded bus were all not turned on. some how the forensic investigation into the bombs used by the government experts is also never released. so we are left with media reports that speculate that Khan made the bombs from off the shelf ingredients bought at the local drugstore with recipes found on the internet. Three of these bombs exploded within seconds of each on 3 diferent subway cars. This is the level of highly competent professionals and not amateurs.
then we have the world class acting performances by the alleged suicide bombers such that their wives or mothers or fathers or brothers,people they knew or worked with or played soccer or cricket didn't have a clue in the months, days, or even the night before that they were going to blow themselves up and kill and maim hundreds. Sure.

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