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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Israel and their WMD - these REALLY do exist....Amazing Pictures !!!!

This is the Negev Nuclear Research centre in Israel (which doesn't exist) 10 miles south of Dimona ..more pictures at Cryptome here is a technical analysis of recent satellite imagery of the site.Including US Patriot missiles gurading site that doesn't exist.

Israeli scientists and politicians have called for the closure of the 40-year-old Dimona plant, saying its age had increased the risk of accidents.In August 2004 Iodine tabelts were issued locally after a safety scare.

In August last year the Deputy CEO of the site said publicly there were no safety problems at the site.
Israel has never publicly acknowledged that it maintains a nuclear arsenal but foreign experts say it has used its reactor at Dimona to produce between 100 and 200 nuclear warheads.

More information on lne at the Avner Cohen archive the result of him writing "Israel and the Bomb" in 1998.

Wikipedia entry

PS : Stories tht Ms Dati whose heart has been broken and is immoveably fixed in the Muslim Mahgreb is going round telling people that French engineers (they built the original reactor) are working on repairs - and that Sarkozy has authorised discussions for re-supply are, mischievous, without foundation, baseless, lies, etc., etc.,


The Antagonist said...

Worth remembering also that Israel was amply helped along the path to nuclear weapons by the British civil service which, in 1958, sold the Israelis 20 tonnes of heavy water to develop nuclear bombs, apparently without the knowledge of the 'government'.

Shutter said...

It would be both wrong and foolish to think that was the total extent of UK assistance ..... of course it was the cheese eating surrender monkeys who were the greatest help ...but the UK and La belle France of course were modestly active in invading Egypt on behalf of the Zionist warriors.

The Antagonist said...

It certainly would be foolish.

It's funny you mention the French for it was the Brits and the French who teamed-up way back when to fight for Queen and country's drug-dealing rights during the Opium Wars.

To this day the monarch still wears a poppy crown on her head.

Shutter said...

To be fair, we did have a scrap or two fighting over bits of North America with the French.... and bits of the Iberian Peninsula, North Africa ..... and the Queen did invite Chirac to waterloo Station and then (force ?) fed him with Boeuf Wellington.

...but then she is German with a Greek Hubby

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