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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign refuse to help the BBC re-write history about the 7/7 "bombings in London

Shortly after the 2nd Anniversary of 7th July 2005, J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign was contacted by Chris Alcock of the BBC who claimed there were plans for a BBC documentary covering the events of 7th July 2005.

No detail about the nature of the 'documentary' was provided until five months later, in December 2007, when another BBC employee, Assistant Producer Susan Prichard, advised J7 by email that the BBC production in question, rather than being a serious documentary effort for which the BBC was once well known, was in fact an episode of BBC2's risible Conspiracy Files series.

The J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign sent an e-mail to Susan Prichard at the BBC on 12th December explaining hwy they would not help the BBC........

"The July 7th Truth Campaign would be more than happy to participate in any serious programme that honestly examines 7/7 in its correct historical and political context, the government narrative, the lack of evidence to support it, the nonsensical amendments that have been made to the narrative, and the ever increasing list of unanswered questions that engulf the events of 7/7.

However, we do not feel that the Conspiracy Files is the vehicle that will facilitate this, nor will it treat the event or issues arising from it with the level of seriousness that they demand, and nor will it further the cause of the July 7th Truth Campaign’s quest for the truth about what happened on 7th July 2005. As such, the July 7th Truth Campaign has no intention of participating in the proposed episode of the Conspiracy Files and can only hope you will take on board the points we have raised in this communication in consideration of your public service duty to the people of Britain, a people that includes at least 56 families whom, through your continued refusal to honestly address the events of 7/7, you have hitherto failed abysmally."

Read the e-mail in it's entirety . NOW.

...Pausing only to sign the "Release the evidence" petition.

Pic from Rupe the Poop's SKY TV , who won an International Emmy Award 2006 for Breaking News 7/7 Bombing coverage

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