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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Peter Hain and the dosh wash - PPF, McEwen Parkinson and Steve Morgan et al

Channel 4 report that McEwen Parkinson solicitors whose Gregory McEwan is the sole director of the company are the lawyers in question who created Progressive Policies Forum Ltd 83 Wimpole Street , London W1G 9RQ - Company No. 06019490 on 05/12/2006 - No Accounts filed . The registered Offices have no sign on public view as required under the Companies Act.

A search of the Electoral Commission records shows that the firm, Gregory McEwan and PPF have never donated funds to Nu Labour.

Peter Hain's campaign manager was , Steve Morgan, now of Morgan Allen Moore - whose registered office is : 83 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 9RQ Company Registration 3665285 see company website ) they are also said to have launched a consultancy called Net Trap, which is registered at the same address as PPF although Companies House have no record of such an outfit.

Apparently money would arrive and be despatched the same day at PPF (better organised than the rest of Hain's accounting ?) - proof (if required) that as Lord Patel pointed out PPF was simply a money laundering agency. One wonders how their bankers acted under their statutory duty to report suspicious financial activities ?

Late News Sat 6.00 Guradian Hain blinking tears away 'fesses up and blames everyone ..."administrative failings " ..."unpaid invoices coming to light " .. Statement . Amazingly he is still (as we write) in the cabinet in charge of Pensions ... (personal interest declared Lord Patel's State Pension kicks in a week on Thursday).

Even Later News : Mail on Sunday highlights Tesco - a client of Morgan's , whose Maesteg new store was visited by Hain who headlined a press release from his Ministry "Every litle helps" and was photographed with a Tesco branded bag full of shopping and pretty girl.

He also named them as good employers last week in the House of Commons... which is a non story ... what MP's do every weekend. (Interest declared Lord Patel has a massive shareholding in Tesco plc)


sam_m said...

"Lord Patel's State Pension kicks in a week on Thursday"

You're spoofing us L.P. The cogniscenti have long since determined this site is the work of a teen from Łódź

Shutter said...

LP's personal experiece of the tram system in Lodz, is that no-one would really know if the system had been hi-jacked as it appears to function ona fairly random principal - a bit like the West Coast Virgin line whereby trains from the Great Metrolops to Manchester, ALWAYS spend 30 minutes outside Stockport, stationary and bereft of announcements.

This does not of course preclude any knowledge of teens from Lodz. A state of afairs to which no doubt Lord Hain would ascribe to "adminiistrative malfunction".

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