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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Red Ken's chum, Lee Jasper's deputy, barrister Rosemary Emodi deliberately lies to BBC, resigns

Lord Mayor of London , Red Ken's , has a (so far) chief race adviser Lee Jasper, who had a deputy - gorgeous Common Purpose graduate and barrister Rosemary Emodi LLB LLM (Society of Black Lawyers) , last week she denied visiting a £200-a-night resort in Nigeria last November to the BBC.

Confronted with the evidence that Virgin Nigeria confirmed Ms Emodi flew from London to Lagos on 30 November, stayed for three nights and returned on 3 December she promptly resigned her £100 K per annum job and The Lord Mayor's office said a formal statement made by Ms Emodi was untrue - bad news for a barrister.

The chalet at the La Campagne Tropicana resort in a £200-a-night chalet was paid for by her hosts.... she was accompanied by Eroll Walters, the director of community group Brixton Base Limited, and Director of Black Londoners Forum (BLAME) and a very close Lee Jasper.

"Errol Walters is a man driven by his convictions and believes that equality and fair play should be experienced by the less fortunate in society. His drive and vision is for a level playing field to be made available to all, no matter what the background or social status is. "

Errol has 3 children and spends his pastime watching athletics, football and cricket. His main interest lies in politics, both UK and Jamaican, and is keen on becoming involved in government in either country.

Erroll on Left and Red Ken on right

UPDATE 2.30 BST Ken's lying aide quits Andrew Gilligan London Evening Standard

- Interesting to see that the City office of blue chip lawyers Herbert Smith (who generously sponsor the National Portrait gallery from their famed monster fees)just popped in (up) to read the above ... you are recommended to visit their site and read their excellent guide to the Gubment nuclear power policy posted on Monday...Excellent.

They are also advising Hydrogen Energy, a BP / Rio Tinto, Joint Venture with Abu Dhabi-based Mubadala Development Company (investment and development arm of the government of Abu Dhabi) to start the detailed engineering design of a US$2 billion industrial-scale hydrogen-fired power generation project to be operating by 2012.

Hydrogen fuel, produced (they say "created" but lawyers don't get trained too well in physics) from natural gas would be used as fuel producing clean electricity and the resulting CO2 in a seperate, uncosted project could be captured and stored in geological formations or used for enhanced oil recovery.

The Greater London Authority offices and Lewisham Council offices have been regularr visitors all day and the BBC just appeared at 4.50.My.My.


Anonymous said...

anyone near livingstone is at it..wake up london..

redken said...

thats not Eroll, thats Lee Jasper

Anonymous said...

we all look alike!!!

sam_m said...

Ahem...your link for "Ken's lying aide quits" doesn't work for me. Perhaps this is the same article...http://tinyurl.com/2p3k8p

Shutter said...

Should work - this is the URL it references - works fine here


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