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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tesla Motors - well on the way

Tesla Motors chief gives his New Year message and it is GOOD ... (BTW co-founder Martin Eberhard no longer has any active role at Tesla Motors)

“The electric vehicle revolution is critically important to the world, and is way overdue.”

"Our goal is to begin full series production of the Roadster in Spring of 2008, albeit with a few components, such as the transmission, that will need to be upgraded at a later date. The transmissions in these early cars will be reliable and safe, though they will not yet meet the original performance spec for acceleration. The upgrade that we will provide at a later date will be free of charge to our existing customers."

"Tesla is also hard at work on model 2, the mid-size luxury sports sedan, which will be unveiled in the first half of next year. While the Roadster will be produced in quantities of one to two thousand per year, we are targeting over 10,000 units per year for the sedan and a price substantially lower than that of the Roadster. Looking at the longer term, Model 3 will be even lower cost and aim for an order of magnitude greater volume than model 2."

"Over time, there will be many models, as the long term plan is to build Tesla into one of the great car companies of the 21st century. Tesla is set on a path of independent growth, with an IPO somewhere along the way. There are no plans or even discussions to sell the company.

The overarching Tesla Motors goal remains unchanged from the day that I first funded Tesla (see the Secret Tesla Master Plan), which is to do everything possible to increase the number of electric miles driven. This is why Tesla is in discussions with several major car companies about providing them with a full electric drivetrain, which includes the battery, power electronics, motor, system management software, and even (groan) the transmission."

Read more and look at the site - 2 cents a mile for sports motoring

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sam_m said...

Any personal transport that takes longer to refuel than it gives you driving time is going nowhere. A range of 200 miles limits it to being an about town runabout, Lord Patel could barely get from home to the House on that.

Any marketing director whose strategy is buy our product, its essential components (the gearbox) will fail at short and regular intervals is also going nowhere.

The car is a lemon. The company is a lemon.

refs: http://www.teslamotors.com/efficiency/charging_and_batteries.php


Shutter said...

Sadly Sam you are right. The concept is however beautiful.

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