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Friday, February 29, 2008

9/11 further puzzles, further denials of information , obfuscation ......

Distance lends enchantment but increasingly allows the curious details to filter out about the anomalies of the events on 9/11.

Of all major U.S. airline crashes within the U.S. investigated and published by the National Transportation Safety Board during the past 20 years, the 9/11 'black boxes' are virtually the only ones without listed serial numbers.

NTSB American Airlines flight 77 flight data recorder report, not noting a device serial number:


NTSB United Airlines flight 93 flight data recorder report, not noting a device serial number:


4 registered Boeing commercial passenger aircraft were used in the September 11, 2001terrorist attacks (according to the official conspiracy theory). The officials have so far failed to produce a single piece of physical evidence collected from the three 9/11 crash sights that identify the planes that are supposed to have crashed.

There is overwheling evidence of the planes produced when they were supposed to be in the air - specific information that would confirm official allegations regarding the identity of these aircraft has been mysteriously withheld or denied upon request.

Lots , Lots more at Adrian Monaghan posted 26th Feb 2008. With e-mails from FOI etc.,

Do You Ever Wonder Comments ..."Supposedly, four passenger jets crash on the same day, and not a single traceable part has been recovered from even one of them?"

This is a popular morning time Danish TV show that aired some further dissent aired by Chemistry Professor , Niels Harrit and Jakob Hede Madsen of the Danish 9/11 Forum

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