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Friday, February 29, 2008

Bacton explosion last night - The Bigger the Bang the Louder the Silence.

Remarkably there has been remarkably little (virtually Zero) comment on the Blast / explosion / fire at Bacton in Norfolk last night which has shut the supplies of 13% of UK natural gas and psuhed the price up overnight from 52 (ish) p per Therm to 57 (ish) p per Therm.

However rooting about this popped up

BBC Online 8/1/08 Armed police to guard gas plant

One quarter of Britain's gas is handled at Bacton, which also processes supplies from three North Sea oil fields and channels gas to and from Europe.

Armed police are to guard Bacton Gas Terminal against a possible terrorist attack, Norfolk Police has confirmed. The decision to deploy armed police is part of an ongoing review of security around the country.

The Home Office emphasised it had not received any intelligence of an attack, or an increase in the level of terrorist threats.

A national newspaper (Rupe's Rag News of the World NOW) claimed there were intelligence reports of al-Qaeda suspects showing an interest in some oil and gas terminals. (The NOW oil and gas terminals in Humberside and Grampian, Scotland, and oil refineries at Coryton, Essex, and Fawley, near Southampton, as locations where troops are to be deployed to beef up security. They also said the paper suggested that plans to bring in military security came in response to intelligence reports of al Qaida suspects showing an interest in plants including Bacton and the Milford Haven gas terminal in south Wales.)(PA) The NOW report also was headlined that the Football Premier Leage was a target with a picture of a footballer as headline ! - AL-QAEDA TARGET THE PREMIERSHIP

The Home Office said: "We have been very clear that we face the severe threat of terrorism, so it is important that we consider all options to protect our assets and infrastructure.

"This particular review doesn't reflect any specific threat. We constantly keep our resources under review."

Current Threat level

UPDATE 3.45 pm GMT Reuters report gas flow re-started. Still no mention on Friday UK News media of incident.

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