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Monday, February 04, 2008

Charles Clarke and advice to police forces on recording telephone conversations, fucking lying Sir Ian Blair and Chief Inspector of Constabulary

The BBC reported on 13 March 2006 that Sir Ian Blair had tape recorded telephone conversations with the well known war criminal Attorney General Lord Goldsmith, a journalist and the Independent Police Complaints Commission and that he had "expressed regret" for the calls and apologised.

Apparently Sir Iain had earlier said he taped Lord Goldsmith's call as he had wanted a record because they were discussing a complex issue and he did not have a note taker.

Home Secretary Charles Clarke said the chief inspector of constabulary is to issue guidance to police forces on the recording of telephone conversations "so there can be no ambiguity".

Sadiq Khan was allegedly bugged meeting Babar Ahmad, a constituent and friend, imprisoned in Woodhill prison Bucks. since 2003 and who who faces extradition from Britain to America on terrorism charges , during two visits in 2005 and 2006 .The exact dates do not appear to have been published but the first visit was before Khan was elected in 2005 as an MP..

It makes one wonder what happened to the guidance from the chief inspector of constabulary on the recording of telephone conversations "so there can be no ambiguity"... if it was ever issued. Throughout the period in question it was of course Sir Ronnie "Alzheimers" Flanagan who was appointed on 1 April 2002 as Her Majesty' Inspector of Constabulary.

Cannot imagine he can remember anything about it, great man for ambiguity, yer man Flanagan , especially when it comes to the very, very, very, hazy subject of bent coppers , state paid terrists, murder, lies, deceit, dishonesty and looking after yer pals in the MASONS.

UPDATE : Tuesday 7.00 am BST It appears that British police under the 2000 Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), can undertake such bugging on the instruction of a Chief Constable. Mr Ahmad is of course a smart guy and was probably fully aware that walls have ears - and evidently nothing was said that would cause offence or result in prosecution for one.

PS : This Draft Code of Practice laid before Parliament in June 2007 may apply and be the result of Charly Clarke's ideas about issuing guidance."Complaints about improper acquisition and disclosure of communications data may be reported to the Interception of Communications Commissioner who may then refer the case to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal " which is what Jack "War Criminal" Straw has done - although in Mr Ahmad's case it was not strictly "communications data - i.e telephone, e-mail etc., Hence the RUPI get out of jail card free defence.

Consulting a senior advisor on security matters - Gypsy Petulengro ....nothing is going to happen.

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As well as stitching up people for VAT carousel fraud and laundering the proceeds themselves.

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