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Friday, February 22, 2008

Clitoridectomy - a subject no-one wants to talk about

The Raelian Movement had an auspicious start . Rael (AKA, Claude Vorilhon)At the age of 27, on the morning of December 13, 1973, a dramatic encounter with a human being from another planet, at a volcano park in the center of France, known as "Puy de Lassolas".

After this remarkable event the Movement and it's followers kept below the radar but Rael wrote a book , modestly entitled , "The True Face of God," explaining how he was taken to the planet of the Elohim in a flying saucer in 1975, where he was introduced to noted earthlings such as Jesus, Buddha, Joseph Smith and Confucius. The Elohim, small human-shaped beings with pale green skin and almond eyes, were apparently the original inspiration for the Judeo-Christian God. They informed Vorilhon that he was the final prophet -- sent to relay a message of peace and sensual meditation to humankind under his new name of Rael -- before the Elohim would return to Jerusalem in 2025.

After a fair time on the free love, sex is good circuit (See Salon article in 2000 "Rael Love") this family circus burst into prominence in 2002 when they announced production the world's first cloned human.

The baby, nicknamed "Eve," was due to arrive in the US under the auspices of a glamorous and leggy blonde who clamed to be a biochemist , Brigitte Boisselier, CEO of Clonaid, the cloning company the Raelians had formed.

Regrettably Clonaid spokeswoman , gorgeous, pouting, ruby lipped, full bosomed, Nadine Gary couldn't / wouldn't say where in the United States the mother is from, where the child was born or what U.S. city they would be arriving in... and that was the end of news about the "healthy 7-pound girl was delivered by Caesarean section Thursday and is an exact genetic copy of her mother".

Which is just as well because a po-faced official from U.S. Food and Drug Administration , which regulates human experiments, says its regulations forbid human cloning without prior agency permission and wanted to know more.

Officially a cult in France the Raelians have an entry in the Japanese Wikipaedia where they claim to be active and this bill board in Nagoya suggest some lively activity. (Pic click of "Love Hug in in Seoul to enlarge )

Adopt a clitoris and help to make history

Now the Raelians have hit on a new bandwagon / gravy train and set up Clitoraid and like any stumbling , fumbling teenager they have discovered the clitoris and all the bits that go with it.

Rael is outraged by clitoridectomy or as it described in ladies journals "genital mutiliation" in which part of a girl's genitalia is sliced away.

Rael wants your money to build a "pleasure" hospital on a piece of land they have bought in a suburb of Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso's second-largest city. Women would be treated exclusively to have their clitorises "reconstructed." explains Lara Terstenjak, a spokeswoman for Clitoraid.

Marci Bowers, who runs a thriving sex-change clinic in Trinidad, Colorado, and has been called the "rock star" of transgender surgery who will re-instate what is often the crude surgery of witch doctors and the application herbs has been roped in as chief surgeon.

So far they have been able to apply the pleasure principle to 6 Raelians.Their website will provide lots more information. Adopt a Clitoris -PayPal accepted.

See UNICEF for more and better information about this wretched practice or The Female Genital Cutting Education and Networking Project

There are between eight and ten million women and girls in the Middle East and in Africa who are at risk of undergoing one form or another of genital cutting. In the United States it is estimated that about ten thousand girls are at risk of this practice. FGC in a variety of its forms is routinely practiced in Middle Eastern countries (the two Yemens, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, and Southern Algeria). In Africa it is practiced in the majority of the continent including Kenya, Nigeria, Mali, Upper Volta, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Mozambique, and Sudan.

..and that is not a funny business... and we won't even mention male genital utilation which is called circumcision, has no medical benefit and is purely a religious / cultural ritual which is simply a sexual assault on children.

Only last week it was reported 3 Million Women Circumcised Annually - UNFPA Protests
The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) last week made a stong call to government to end female genital mutilation (cutting), a practise which causes an irreparable, irreversible damage to women. Read more >>

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