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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Grouchy Nadhmi Auchi and the problems of the blogiste

As if being Black, female, a mother, grandmother , born and living in the US weren't enough handicaps in life,Kate is also a smart, young, beautiful, sassy Blogger (TM) blogiste - but she has had a run in with Google / Blogger (TM) over Kate/A/Blog

Kate keeps a critically sharp eye on the Ruling elites in the US and is also given to a sharp phrasing or two ... when commenting about Clintonan , ..."For those who believe the ruling class cares about them – you do not grasp the mentality of people who would bludgeon their own father and crawl over his body to fuck their sister if it handed them a throne."

One late September night in 2005 Kate posted about the mysterious and extraordinarily rich and powerful Iraqi Mr Nadhmi Auchi and connections in Panama and subsequently received a letter from the firm of libel lawyers / extortionists founded by Peter Carter-Fuck that asked her to cease and desist. Lord Patel suggested to her that she tell them to fuck off.

Ultimately as she explains - Wednesday, November 29, 2006 Don't Make Kate Angry, You Wouldn't Like Kate When She's Angry - Subtitle: Auchi Still At It

"Harjinder Obhi, a London based attorney for Google, with fuzzy threats of lawsuits, forcing my identity be disclosed, potential shutdown of Kate/A/Blog, etc. etc.

Mr. Obhi politely told me that if Auchi files suit, Google will be forced under the terms of Service etc., etc., to produce information about me, emails, IP addresses, ISP information, etc. etc. etc. and that once my identity is known I will be formally added to the lawsuit."

The same day Auchi & Co's hired hands filed a complaint with blogger.com - bottom line , Google scrubbed the posts http://kateablog.blogspot.com/2005/09/nadhmi-auchi.html and http://kateablog.blogspot.com/2006/11/auchi-ouchie.html .

Cause for complaint ? Kate had posted a picture of a Mr Saddam Hussein, a Middle East Dictator and friend and business partner of Donald Rumsfeld (when alive - which he was in 2005) and incorrectly described it as being a picture of Mr Auchi.

However if you go back to the Wayback Machine you will find
Sunday, September 18, 2005 - Nadhmi Auchi

Auchi is the 7th richest man in Britain; having made his billionaire fortune in banking, pharmaceuticals, oil, hotels, aviation, real estate, telecommunications, etc. He has brokered deals for Italian frigates and Iraqi pipelines, oil-for-food, built grand hotels in London, Beruit, Kuwait. His assorted fortune is under the company General Mediterranean Holding........

or here even, if you felt inclined to circulate it.

The immediate reason for rasing the ghost of Grouchy Auchi (he has swum in these waters before Tuesday, November 14, 2006 Carter Fuck - Legal sharks infesting the Internet - in which it was noted that " Past and present directors of Nadhmi Auchi 's General Mediterranean include ex UK Foreign Office minister Keith Vaz, former Liberal leader Lord Steel, former president of the European commission Jacques Santer and former ladies man and boxer, Conservative chancellor Norman Lamont."

The article also mentioned that Mr Auchi's daughter, the fragrant, lissome, beautiful, heavily bosomed (and scented) and throughly delightful Luma Auchi, and MD of Regent-GM Laboratories Limited, who had been arrested in the NHS drug fraud case involving up to £150 million excess costs to the NHS - she was due to appear at Bow Street Magistrates' Court on 27 April, 2006.

Regent -GM Laboratories Limited, was a UK subsidiary of Mr Auchi's Luxembourg based General Mediterranean business empire and went bust and was wound up in 2004 - so regrettably te NHS could not recover any costs nor press charges.

Regent GM has a star studded board which included former Tory health minister Gerry Malone, who joined the board in 1999 and the fragrant Baroness Falkender, Harold Wilson's long-standing (very) private secretary, who sat on the board of Regent from 1996 to 2003.

It was a former Regent sales and marketing manager Bhupesh Patel (no relation alas) who had for years been acting as a secret whistleblower, who helped the NHS and later Serious Fraud Office with their investigations.

US based Norton (now part of US based IVAX) and the biggest supplier to the NHS of generic drugs eventually paid a total of £13.5m compensation on the basis of being able to deny any liability as part of this gigantic theft of over £150 Mn. from the NHS. Norton CEO from 1990 to 2003 was Isaac Kaye. A Labour donor whose name surfaced again recently .

With a rather murky past in South African politics Kaye was also a generous supporter of Nu Labour and spent £5,000 in 1997 and 1998 on tickets for Labour gala dinners and donated £100,000 to the party in 1999. He also gave £10,000 to the London mayoral campaign of Frank Dobson, the former Labour health secretary.

Currently Kaye's relationship with disgraced Welsh Minister and failed wannabe Deputy Leader Peter Hain has come under scrutiny . It was eventually disclosed that Kaye had given Hain's campaign £15,000 which arrived at his HQ via a political money laundering outfit and post box called Progressive Policies Forum organization funds which the tanned anti-apartheid hero had in a "senior moment" simply forgotten to register.

As a police enquiry was launched he resigned ,only for details of Kaye's support in South Africa for the apartheid National Party to be unearthed.

Oddly enough another firm caught up in the NHS drugs scandal was UK firm Generics who tipped up £12 Mn to the NHS , denying any responsibility naturally... and the chairman of Generics was friend of Isaac Kaye , Mr T (call me "Tony") Tabatznik a large donor to the Labour Party since 1998, so reduced in circumstance his large St John's Wood house house is owned by a Panamanian company.

More to follow about Auchi / Tony Rezko / Auchi's wife / Fintrade / Obama


Kate-A said...

Sigh ...
My favorite blogpost was from November 10, 2006 - Nadhmi Auchi & Not-His-Cousin Saddam Hussein as I had 2 great pics of Auchi and Saddam, neatly groomed and neatly dressed.


Kate-A said...

thank you, you're so nice to describe me as "young and beautiful," I do feel 35 y/o most days... well ... okay some days ... after the morning stiffness goes away ...


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