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Friday, February 01, 2008

Iranian web traffic now at zero.

UDATE 3/2/08 - It now appears that the test for Iran is a single server at Yerevan University which is down and so provides a wholly inaccurate view of the situation - apologies but we did say - " Accuracy ? Who knows".

Internet Traffic Report provides a real time view of traffic with current response times and packet losses - well every 5 minutes the reports are updated. Accuracy ? Who knows. FAQ's here

No traffic in or out of Iran. Maybe there is more to the 2 cables down , offshore Alexandria. (Still the same at 2/2/08 4.20 EST)

UPDATE : See Prison Planet : Middle East Internet Blackouts Spur Geopolitical Suspicions

BBC report that a 3rd cable the Falcon cable has been damaged . The first two reports of cable damage related to The first cable - the Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe (FLAG) - was cut at 0800 on 30 January, the firm said.

A second cable thought to lie alongside it - SEA-ME-WE 4, or the South East Asia-Middle East-West Europe 4 cable - was also split.

Omar Sultan, chief executive of Dubai's ISP DU, told The Associated Press, following the most recent break. "The situation is critical for us in terms of congestion," .

They say that the only connection working Europe - India is the older Sea-M-We 3 system, according to Washington based research firm TeleGeography whose Daily Comms Update has no informtion about the breaks.

UPDATE Saturday 2/2/08 EST 7.15 Market watch - reports that "We had another cut today between Dubai and Muscat three hours back. The cable was about 80G capacity, it had telephone, Internet data, everything," one Flag official, who declined to be named, told Zawya Dow Jones. Internet traffic shows Iran is still showing zero traffic.

See also Inquiry Labs

See previous post about these disruptions. All very mysterious. No press / TV comment at all.

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