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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

KINGDOM OF GOD : the Archbishop, the Sharia and the Law of the Land . DV

With the Name of God, All-Merciful, Most Merciful

The City Circle invites you to a panel discussion entitled, "KINGDOM
OF GOD: the Archbishop, the Sharia and the Law of the Land."

VENUE: Abrar House, 45 Crawford Place, off Edgware Rd, London W1H 4LP

TIME: 6.45pm - 8.30pm, Friday 15th February 2008, God-willing

The Archbishop of Canterbury's historic lecture on "Islam in English Law" at the Royal Courts of Justice last week has ignited a national debate about the relationship between law and religion in the United Kingdom.

UK law already makes special concessions for faith groups: marriages solemnised in many churches, synagogues and mosques do not require a separate civil registration; the decree absolute of civil divorce is not granted to Jewish couples until they have obtained a Jewish divorce from a recognised Beth Din in order to guarantee the rights of Jewish women; Sikh motorcyclists who wear a traditional turban are exempted from having to wear a helmet; etc.

Is there a case for legal pluralism within UK law? How do Beths Din and Sharia councils work with respect to UK law? What would be the impacts of any changes to the status quo on human rights, especially those of women?

Join us for a lively discussion with a panel of experts.

PRAKASH SHAH is Senior Lecturer in Law at Queen Mary University of
London and author of "Legal Pluralism in Conflict: Coping With Cultural Diversity in Law" (Cavendish, 2005)

FAIZ SIDDIQUI is the principal and founding trustee of Hijaz College
in Nuneaton, a Muslim school that combines traditional Islamic education with the UK National Curriculum. He is also a barrister under English and Welsh Law, and a member of Lincoln's Inn.

CASSANDRA BALCHIN is a freelance researcher, writer and human-rights
advocacy trainer, and has been part of the network, "Women Living Under Muslim Laws" (WLUML) for fifteen years. Formerly a journalist based in Pakistan, she has published on Muslim family laws and international development policy regarding religion.

THOMAS SEYMOUR of Wilberforce Chambers is an experienced barrister who has dealt with disputed Beth Din cases that have been referred to the English civil courts.

Free entrance. All welcome.

For event enquiries please contact us on 07980 834340 or

Web site: http://www.thecitycircle.com
email: info@thecitycircle.com

Should be good fun to hear a lot of earnest well meaning folk talk about "unclarity" for a couple of hours.

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