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Monday, March 24, 2008

7/7 "suicide bombers" on CCTV ? .... no such luck, Police dn't want any help in tracing movements of 7/7 culprits .. leaving 56 dead 200 injured...

Here we go again. Crystal clear, sharp CCTV images in colour, published hours after the murder of Jamie Simpson ,manager of a Matalan store, in the Kingsland Shopping Centre, Hackney, East London Saturday 22nd March around 8 pm.

Now why can't we have images of the 7/7 bombers ? Surely the Police want help in tracing the "suicide bombers" ? Did anyone see them ? Did they have accomplices, were they carrying anything else, what were they wearing ... ?

If they can get these image sout so quickly why not the 7/7 images ?


Anonymous said...

I reckon the guys who were meant to have carried out the bombing were used by the rehearsal company who blew them to bits.

Anonymous said...

Its funny how this man Peter always seems to be around..



Shutter said...

Some people say PP is plain unlucky ... here we believe he is in the pay of London Buses to try and frighten folks off the tube and onto the buses.

As a consequence of some mild enquiries in the Poole area re the killing of Inspector Munro I seem to have found a curious tale about PP and his precipitate departure from Dorset Plod.

It appears that one can say with a high level of confidence, as we statisticians say, that PP is not one of the pinny wearing, breast baring, fraternity.

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