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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bild - Is Prince Harry flying this lady pilot ?

Auch Freundin Chelsy freut sich, ihren Prinzen bald wiederzusehen. Vielleicht hat sie auch die eine oder andere Frage zur hübschen Bomber-Pilotin. (Bild)

Lucky of course that we still have a few Harriers left to fly anywhere - HMS Illustrious isn't carrying any as she steams across the Indian Ocean -they are all off bombing third world villagers in Afghanistan.

Notably Prince Harry arrived on a Tri-Star. Tri-Star ?

The three over 40 year old ex-Pan Am Tri-Stars bought by the RAF in the 1980's are largely unchanged from their airline days and operate as troop carriers, carrying up to 266 passengers (the 42 year old VC 10's carry 127 troops Max) . These aircraft are designated C2 and C2A and are used extensively for transporting troops to world-wide destinations in support of exercises and operations and are operated by 216 Squadron out of RAF Brize Norton .

All TriStar versions can operate in the aeromedical evacuation role, including the option of installing a full stretcher fit if required for the repatriation of casualties ... which they were doing when Harry hitched his ride, one guy who Harry explained had lost and arm and a leg, and one paralysed from the neck down by a shrapnel burst in his neck - sources in the UK are silent about any rides by our heric Prince with Michelle Tompkins the glamorous Harrier Hen.

But you can read all about her here as the RAF have helpfully provided a profile for recruiting... which is where Bild lifted the picture of the pouting, pert, pretty pilot from.

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