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Friday, March 28, 2008

CIA sponsored, funded and organised Tibetan Freedom Torch Relay 2008 on April 6th cannot be stopped by Prime Minister - OFFICIAL

Readers will be aware we sought to set up a No 10 Downing Street petition yesterday ... Olympic Tibetan Freedom Torch Relay 2008 - join in the fun organised by your local branch of the CIA

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to: 'Take the necessary steps to prevent the Central Intelligence Agency to organise a Tibetan Freedom Torch Relay 2008 on 6th April, when the official Olympic Torch will proceed through London.'

Well the e-petition team have replied (very prompt service) ...


I'm sorry to inform you that your petition has been rejected.....

Your petition was classed as being in the following categories:

* Outside the remit or powers of the Prime Minister and Government

So there you have it, the Prime Minister and Government haven't the power to stop the CIA organising the Tibetan Freedom Torch Relay 2008 on 6th April.

Nice to get that officially.

Now who fancies a,

" Muslim, brown men with beards and brown women in jibjabs against Chinese Hui Muslim's having the shit kicked out of them by CIA inspired and funded Tibetan mobs and the burning down the Lhasa mosque - Freedom Torch Relay 2008 to Grosvenor Square" ? ***

**** Police closed off Lhasa's Muslim quarter today (Guradian)

I bet that's well within his fucking remit and power to stop.

Incidentally, anyone notice that Presidential wannabe McCain who says he wants to wage a vigorous war against Islamic radicals worldwide, sent his wife Cindy to Pristina to meet gangsta, Muslim mass murderer, Kosovan Prime Minister Hashim Thaci yesterday? All part of the CIA campaign to encourage precedent for Tibet and Taiwan separation and independence from China.

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