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Thursday, March 20, 2008

E.ON - world's largest private-sector energy services company has £18Mn Lottery Grant for wood burning power plant opened today at Lockerbie

October 25th 2005 - Lord Patel posted this news ...

E.ON is to build the largest dedicated UK biomass power station in Lockerbie in Scotland. Work on the innovative 44 Mw power station will commence in late 2005 to go on stream at the end of 2007. The EUR 130Mn (£89Mn) investment by the German company, the world's largest private-sector energy services company, will be built by a consortium of the Norwegian company Kvaerner Power, part of the Aker Kvaerner group and Siemens.

The Big Lottery Fund, supported the development of the new biomass plant with a grant of £18m from the Bioenergy Capital Grants Scheme (approx 25% of cost)

PA report yeserday - Largest biomass power station opened

The UK's biggest wood-fired power station has been formally opened by the First Minister Alex Salmond who hailed it as a green energy milestone.

The Steven's Croft biomass power station at Lockerbie will produce enough power to supply up to 70,000 homes, more than 17 times the population of the Border town.

The 44-megawatt station burns forestry left-overs and specially-grown willow, helping jobs and saving up to 140,000 tonnes a year of greenhouse gases.

How curious there was no mention of of the 25% Lottery funding!!!!!!! - The project will also benefit from support through the Renewables Obligation (Scotland) Order.

More details of the plant here and here and from E.ON here Scottish Government Press Release

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I have wondered what the fcuk that was, as I have driven past it on the M74.....

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