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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Neil Munro drowned but Dorset Chief Constable Martin Baker says death not suspicious and anxious to point out he had no head injuries - so that's OK

Insp Neil Munro , 43 with 20 years service in the Dorset Police, left his home , Mel ,his 33 year old wife and 21 month old son Jack, at around lunchtime on Wednesday, 12th March. His dead body , fully clothed, wearing a rucksack ,was found washed up on Thursday on the Sandbanks, Poole Harbour in his pockets were his warrant card and a ticket for the Poole / Cherbourg ferry. The body was found at approximately 8.00 am on the beach of Panorama Road (Millionaire's Row) mansion, owned by Rochdale born , David Russell, chairman of the £100 million Manchester based Property Alliance Group.

John Newton, of the Sandbanks Neighbourhood Watch team, said it was the first time he had heard of anyone drowning on that side of the peninsula in 15 years. Ken Coffin, 89, who has lived on Sandbanks since 1947, said: "It was a shock to hear of a body being washed up."

He had boarded a ferry sailing from Poole to Cherbourg at 11:45pm the previous night. Last week Brittany Ferries confirmed a foot passenger of the same name boarded the Barfleur (1,200 passengers 520 cars 580 ft long) on Wednesday night. No one was reported overboard and the boat was examined by Police when it returned to Poole the following day. There are CCTV cameras on board the ship, they do not record (!). Apparently there is no count of passengers on and off.

The Coroners inquest yesterday was told that the post - mortem revealed the cause of death was given as drowning . Sheriff Payne adjourned the inquest to a later date.

The court was told he was known to be suffering from chronic depression. No press reports give the author of this information, it's source, or if any evidence , or witness was provided to substantiate the claim. (UPDATE Thursday The Daily Echo Monday 17th said Headline "Inquest hears of inspector’s stress" - (Coroner's officer ) Mr Jeneson said: "The inspector was known to be suffering from chronic depression and was last seen at lunchtime. The PA report used the phrase "chronic depression".) Evidently someone supplied Mr Jeneson with that information.

The Chief Constable of Dorset, Martin Baker, has denied reports that Insp Munro had a head injury and said there was no evidence to suggest his death was suspicious. Press reports do not make clear when this denial was made and under what circumstances. Several Press reports at the time the body was found referred to head injuries.
A very lengthy book of Remembrance in the local Dorset Echo newspaper a testament to an evidently well liked and respected officer.

Dorset Police and the Masons

Connections between the Masons and the law / Police are not new but a website http://www.dorsetvictimsupport.org/main.html Creation Date: 2001-11-05 17:16:56 - Registrar: Moniker Online Services Inc. (R145-LROR) located in the US provides a great deal of information. There is also http://www.dorsetpolice.net/ and http://www.dorsetpolice.org/ which verge on the green biro in capitals brigade and seem to revolve around a greivance real or imagined of a Gerry Coulter and a stolen motor car.

Several people come in for scrutiny by this obsessive ...

Creepy Conservative MP Oliver Letwin (also non executive director of N.M. Rothschild Corporate Finance Ltd ) an Etonian like David Cameron whom he backed, has disappeared from the Conservative Front Bench and now performs in newly created role of Chairman of the Policy Review. ON Question Time in January this year he declared he was an atheist.

Michael G Taylor CBE - Chairman of Dorset Police Authority a retired Brigadier also on Immigration Appeal Tribunal, and the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal allegedly a mason.

It may be of interest to know what was discussed during exempt business of the

(i) The Deputy Chief Constable to report on the current situation relating to the
following complaints (attached):
IPCC Managed Case: MI/118/06
Supervised Cases of Interest – New: CO/136/07
Supervised Cases of Interest – Updated: CO/168/06
Managed Cases – Updated: MC/021/04
Other Cases of Interest – Updated: CO/011/04, CO/253/05,CO/100/06, CO/237/06,CO/234/06
Other Cases of Interest – New: CO/93/07, CO/76/07,
CO/18/07, CO/93/05,
CO/46/07, CO/02/07,
(ii) To consider a summary of complaints recorded since April 2007. Members
to inform themselves of the manner in which complaints from members of
the public against members of the Force have been dealt with by the Chief
Constable (attached).

Peter Harvey - Clerk to the Police Authority , Former Chief Executive of Dorset County Council, Deputy Lord Lieutenant, Director of Dorset Training and Enterprise, Dorset Business Link, Dorset Chamber of Commerce ... which give some substance to the websites claims about the incestuous relationship of much of what goes on in Dorset.

Amity Lodge #137.Poole and Lodge #4355 Branksome appear to be the place where the most defamed police officers etc., roll up their trouser legs and get out their pinnies.

UPDATE : Thursday .The Funeral took place Thursday Dorset Police Chief Constable Martin Baker was among the mourners. The service was followed by a private family burial at Bournemouth Crematorium.

Dead men, especially cremated ones tell no tales.


Anonymous said...

Dorset Police.The Bridge stinks the deck reeks.

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You need a punch in the fucking face.

Anonymous said...

stinks of shallow grave and murdered Oaths of the few good coppers that are too naive to use their own minds and remember they peace constables under oath
not revenue collectors under contract

Anonymous said...

According to police in Liverpool Wavertree, Baker was promoted when he took the brave decision to have somebody killed. I thought that was the Judges job!

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