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Sunday, March 16, 2008

PC Uncorrectness - and PC suicidalism

Sergeant Fuller 55, was Wiltshire Police's chief firearms instructor at its headquarters in Devizes.

It is understood that Sgt Fuller attended anger-management classes in 2006 after he was accused of using "unnecessary force" during an arrest.

Seargeant Fuller apparently blew his head off with a shotgun. He had several shotguns in his house.

Officers from the Wiltshire Police Armed Response Group paid tribute to their much missed colleague.

"Dick trained me and most of us who are currently with the Wiltshire Police Armed Response Group. He took most of us from nothing, to firearms specialists and we all owe him a debt of gratitude."

"He was chief firearms instructor for many years and a firearms officer since the early eighties "

Nice to know that we have such balanced individuals in charge of " Wiltshire Police Armed Response Group" - did we mention his wife had left him the 3rd time because of his uncontrollable violence ?

Mind you, cops can be funny, Paul Whitehouse who left Sussex as Chief Constable just before he got sacked, (He will be in the news again this week) .Toni Fabuloso remembers (can she forget ?) when she was in the North East at the time used to have such exciting parties with friends he used to invite round.The final appeal by the Police reached the House of Lords on February 25th, in the case of the the fatal shooting by police of alleged drugs king pin James Ashley in bed with his girl friend in Hastings in 1998. Doesn't sound good for Mr Whitehouse say Lord Patel's friends on the Benches.

Funny how the curious murder of Katrina Taylor in 1997 (on the fringes of the thriving Brighton drugs culture) also keeps cropping up in Brighton with the very odd re-trial and her connection with the "Babes in the Wood" murders of Nicola Fellows and Karen Hadaway in 1986 and the failure of a call for a re-trial. Re this very ODD report by the BBC last year. Drugs and Brighton .... Peaches and cream ... Horse and carriage

That nice Ken Jones (QPM) who followed Paul as Sussex Chief Constable before he went on to be Chair of ACPO in April 2006 with its 312 members, made sure his young, very helpful, charming and beautiful lady assistant joined him at ACPO to help with the office filing, keeping his uniform pressed, polishing his shoes, making sure there was soap in the shower, driving him around ....

Just as Andy Hayman the chief Police terrist in London also found a place for Heidi Tubbs at ACPO to look after the Press, to help with the office filing, keeping his uniform pressed, polishing his shoes, making sure there was soap in the shower, going for drinks .... don't hear much from him these days after his decision to spend more time with his pension.

The Mail on Sunday have fascinating expose today on the remaining WPC's in the Met and GMP who were not shagged by Superstud Hot Toddy.

Anybody who wonders why a man with such a lengthy record of office leg-over' s (one of which became the centre of a claim for constructive dismissl) could possible be give the job of Chief Constable of the UK's largest force outside London should join a very , very lengthy queue. "During the May Day demonstrations in 2001 he held 66 TV and Radio interviews during the two days. "(GMP official Biography)

GMP - fighting crime , protecting people, and shagging any WPC who perches on the corner of my desk. ... or joins me in the TV studio.... in front of the camera

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Anonymous said...

You fucking Prick. You don't know anything about the people you are writing about. A sergeant kills himself. It's sad, for him and his family. Have you ever stopped and wondered why he was this way? Maybe because he had spent the lions share of his life protecting ungrateful gossip mongers like you. What have YOU ever achieved? Think about it, and stop writing this crap.

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