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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Thumbs down for more control and surveillance for children in Rochdale

Beech House Private School, Manchester Road, Rochdale are piloting a figerprint recognition system from Rochdale based Timeware UK for registration.Cuye : Pic of happy, beaming, inoccent kids starting out on a life of constant monitoringand control - catch 'em young.

School Bursar Louise Feeney explains that the staff are currently trying them out and then the system will be in use by the children in September. (PDF download of system details)

Heywood Community School have a similiar system in use in the school canteen.

For more information about how children are having their fingerprint used to monitor them go to Leave Them Kids Alone.

UK Schools have already fingerprinted more than two million children, inover 3,500 schools to date, some as young as three. Neither they, nor their parents, were ever asked for their consent. This is part of an insidious softening-up exercise to target society's most impressionable, so they'll accept cradle-to-grave state snooping.

"Whether you volunteer or are coerced on to the ID database, there's no way back. You'll be monitored for life. That's why the government is targeting students and young people, to get them on before they realise what's happening ", says Phil Booth of NO2ID Guradian March 7th 2008

"I have not been able to find a single piece of published research which suggests that the use of biometrics inschools promotes healthy eating or improves reading skills amongst children. I am concerned that these reasons are being given as a justification for fingerprinting children. There is absolutely no evidence for such claims."Dr Sandra Leaton Gray, Director of Studies, Sociology of Education, Homerton College, Cambridge.

Read Daily Mail 11th October 2007 by Sue Reid - The sinister truth about what they do with our children's fingerprints

Chris Bridge, head teacher at Huntington SecondarySchool in York (11 York schools use fingerprints) , said the system was preparing pupils for a world in which terrorism was rife, and their privacy would be further invaded.

Your choice - liberty versus control. Tyranny, from without or by constant domestic authoritative state sanctioned and authorised scrutiny, is still tyranny. Liberty and personal freedom require security without intrusion, security plus privacy.

Widespread surveillance defines the police state. Widespread surveillance defines state control. Conditioning children to he acceptance of permanent progressive instrusion in their lives is a first step.

Resistance must start early, be persistent and total.

Learn more today at Leave Them Kids Alone.

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Anonymous said...

It's time to treat the people pretending that they're conducting a so-called War on Terrorism like so-called terrorists.

Citizen's arrest would be as good a place to start as any; followed by indefinite incarceration on a charge such as Failure to Act with the degree of transparency required in, and of, democratic government.

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