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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Antique Gollywog biffs Brown whilst he is out - "The Invisible Hand" at work

My geriatric colleague Lord Desai (108), has taken the opportunity whilst Gordon Brown is interviewing the Pope and George Bush in the US to make some unfortunate remarks about both English and Scots cooking.

In the cookery pages of the Eveming Standard he says mysteriously that the Prime Minister is like porridge or Haggis. Such tosh, this foreigner has probably never wielded a porringer nor been involved in a haggis hunt in his life.
He is right however ... Gordon does dither and his answers to Parliamentary answers are a serious rival to sleep inducing narcoleptics.

However the fonctionnaires of No 10 have resolved this as we pointed out some time ago by skilful editing of the record...Friday, November 30, 2007 Nu Labour - Daggers out as the blame shifting starts over dodgy donors

Now here's a funny thing .. if you want to go to the No 10 Downing street site to get the official record of the PM's Press Conference you will find that a great deal is missing / redacted / removed . e.g it starts ....

Prime Minister:
[party political content]
[party political content]
Prime Minister:
[party political content]
[party political content]
Prime Minister:
[party political content]
I think everybody has known that when Lord Hayden Phillips was looking at party funding that things had to change. We have been waiting for the results of his review to see what has to be done.
[party political content]
[party political content]
...and so on until we get to the naming of Teddy Bears.

If you follow the link to helpful notes on transcript editing you get ..

Sometimes it is necessary to edit the transcripts. This is either because in accordance with long-standing practice under the Ministerial and Civil Service codes, government websites cannot carry party political content, or because the audio quality has made it impossible to transcribe
Regretfully the NU Labour spin machine has no such control over the sweating Hansard hacks who faihtuflly reproduce his interminable drivel and mind crushing delivery.

Well done Lord Desai! This nice nurse will get you a cup of tea and then you can go back to sleep, and she will wake you up in time for the General Election.. The Nu Labour Party needs more people like you, so the Cameronian Low Lifers can get back again. Meanwhile here's a nice fat brown envelope (gedditt!) from that nice David Milliband - you used to know his Dad.

Meanwhile over at Threadneedle Street my other friend Lord King is attaching the "Get Well" cards to the bundles of money ready to throw out of the helicopters over Bishopsgate and Canary Wharf.

PS : Lord Gollywog wrote a book : Marx's Revenge: The Resurgence of Capitalism and the Death of Statist Socialism


Philip said...

I used to play cricket with Megnad. Years ago, was he a spinner?

I was not overly impressed by his "Marxian Economic Theory". It was of its time (1974).

Here is a review of "Marx's Revenge: The Resurgence of Capitalism and the Death of Statist Socialism":

The Underdoug said...

I heard an interview with our noble Lord Desai on the BBC Radio 4 PM programme this afternoon. In it he expressed an aspiration that Ken Livingstone would win the Mayoral pageant, saying "...I will vote as often as I can for..." him.

Do our noble lords have special voting privileges on the Mayoral/GLA elections?

ziz said...

It is a sound principle of democracy that the better pigs have more votes in the farmyard.

I myself shall be voting as frequently as possible for Boris Livingstone

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