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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Jacqui Smith stamps on Citizen's Rights...

Spy Blog's authoritative comments in October on today's rather belated revelations by the Daily Telegraph about Jacqui Smith having signed an Exemption Certificate under Section 29 of the Data Protection Act render further comment superfluous.

New anti-terrorism rules 'allow US to spy on British motorists'
By Toby Helm and Christopher Hope

Briefly, many people have now become aware of an Exemption Certificate obtained by the Home Secretary allowing real time data from the London Congestion Zone Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems for use "in real time" by the Metropolitan Police claiming the need for "national security" but also the ability to export such images (including passenger / driver images) to overseas law enfrorcement - who will remove such images in 5 years.

Spy Blog dealt with this in October at considerable length and in detail - pointing to the on-line copies of all the appropriate documents incuding the Certificate of Exemption which it is interesting to note was not actually signed by Jacqui Smith On July 4th .....
Is the Home Secretary too tired ? idle ? unconcerned ? about signing away the Citizen's Rights leaving it to Paul Wylie (who He? .Ed ) to absorb the burden of witness to this shameful departure from Parliamentary oversight. (He was at one time Private Secretary to John Reid)

Spyblog also point to the document prepared by Bircham Dyson Bell LLP , Solicitors and Parliamentary agents which provides a spurious case for the release of such data. Spy Blog also points out that an extension of such an exemption to the London Low Emission Zone is only a matter of time. ... and no doubt other areas covered by ANPR cameras.

Areas such as the North Wales coast which must have frequently caught the Black Range Rover of Chief Constable Michael Todd as he travelled from Manchester to park outside the cottage of the leader of the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team to proceed alone up Snowdon in the worst gale for 10 years, without ice pick, crampons, having notified anyone of his departure , route, expected time and place of return, to meet his nemesis.

Statewatch aso deserve an honourable mention for having identified this Certificate and Exemption case in their On Line Statewatch News Online on August 29th 2007 - a subscription , readily obtained, is essential to help understand how the Secret State is spreading.

The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance. However even with the alertness of Spyblog and Statewatch and many, many blogistes we can only record history. The move to a controlled, monitored state is well on it's way, from fingerprinting schoolchildren to erecting the biggest DNA database of any nation. Should just point out that CCTV doesn't work on buses that are due to be blown up - especially on the 30 Hackney Wick to Marble Arch bus, the only one to be re-directed on 7/7 .. whose bus driver ,George Psaradakis walked all the way home - 7 miles ....who never saw Hussein get on the bus .. but never mind , Network liaison manager Alan Dell, 45, has been awarded an MBE for his role in running the control room at London Buses during the bombings.

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