"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Jersey child abuse - more allegations, the masons and the notorious "Fat Man"

dickdecent posts at Rigorous Intuition

The Bailiff of Jersey - Philip Bailhache - is a senior Freemason.
HM Attorney-General of Jersey - William Bailhache [Bailiff's brother] - is a senior Freemason.
Chief Minister of Jersey - Frank Walker - is a senior Freemason.
[You've prob read unconfirmed reports that PB was actually governor of Haut when it was Jersey Home for Boys in the 70's/80's]

This fuck [who's article someone posted earlier!] is ALSO a prominent Mason and was Assistant

Manager to Social Services while the Manager was Mason/Minister Ben Shenton... remember him?
... the guy that sent the e-mail to our Lennie, and got publicly caught/humiliated for trying to 'belittle' the enquiry from the start...


Anyone know if Lenny Harper himself is, or is not a Mason? Surely a clinching factor in whether or not he IS MR. FIX His years at the RUC and the Met don't make for very good odds on that question now do they? With the mainstream media making him out to be something between Superman and Jeezus, I think a picture is forming in my mind.

[...] click the link for lots more

he also has links to : Jersey Lodge of Installed Masters which has links to
Yarborough Lodge 244
Duke of Normandy Lodge 245
Royal Sussex Lodge 491
Loge La Césarée 590
Royal Alfred Lodge 877
St.Aubin's Lodge 958
Prince of Wales Lodge 1003
De Carteret Lodge 3459
Lodge St Helier 4449
Jersey Lodge of Unity 8352
Jersey Lodge of Installed Masters 8383
Sarnia Riduna Lodge 5840

A link is also provided here to an Indymedia site which amongst many other claims can be found..

Wilfred Krichefski, a senator in Jersey’s government and chairman of several committees, would regularly visited Haut de la Garenne to abuse boys until his death in 1974. LIVING members of the island’s SENIOR ESTABLISHMENT have also been identified as suspects.

One former resident has claimed he was REPEATEDLY RAPED at the children’s home by Krichefski, the late senator who was a freemason and of jewish belief, between 1962 and 1963. The man, now in his late 50s and living in the West Midlands, said that every month he and another boy would be taken into a back room at the home and ABUSED by two men.

The former resident said he would be woken by a care worker with the words, “There is someone here to see you.” The only person he told about the abuse was a PSYCHIATRIST who TOLD HIM HE WOULD BE PLACED IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL IF HE REPEATED THE ALLEGATIONS

This has been repeated elsewhere in the Press by an abused boy called "Simon" and Deputy police chief Lenny Harper confirms it is a name he has been given with a pseudonym of "The Fat Man".

"Fat Man" was a cartoon strip of the activities of Cyril Smith MP (Now Sir Cyril Smith) in rap the Rochdale Alternative Paper whose activities were published and about which we posted on Thursday, February 28, 2008" ..all he seems to have done is spanked a few bare bottoms" David Steel on Cyril Smith 1979

Pic of cartoon book and iconic model in current exhibition at Rochdale "Touchstones" Gallery on the Rochdale Sculptors of the 1970's.


Stef said...

Quality post tagging as always

Anonymous said...

From Senator Wilfred Krichefski's Obituary in The Times Friday, Dec 20, 1974:

Wilfred Krichefski served first as a deputy & then as a full senator on Jersey since 1945. He was president succesively of the Departments of Agriculture, Tourism, Harbours & Airports, Defence & finally Postal Administration. He was considered the islands legislature's senior member.

He was given his OBE on Jan 1st 1958.

Krichefski & Reginald Jeune CBE (who also was involved in running the Haut de la Garenne children's home), were on the board of the International Investment Trust Company of Jersey (inaugrated in Sep 1962). Other board members of this trust included Major Sir Henry J d'Avigdor-Goldsmid MP & Hon N.C. Jacob Rothschild.

That's all...

Anonymous said...

Leonard (Lenny) Harper was involved in the case of John Masterson, a 56-year-old Scotsman who had spent 17 years in jail, who boasted of his friendship with the Kray twins.

From reporting of the court case in September 1999, Detective Superintendent Leonard Harper arrested John Masterson, in 1989 after a psychiatrist at the Maudsley hospital, south London, had telephoned the former cabinet minister to tell Miss Harman that her patient had gone to sleep thinking about killing her.

Masterson tried to sue the Metropolitan Police for damages, claiming unlawful imprisonment and malicious prosecution after he was arrested for making threats against Ms Harriet Harman. Harman first met Mr Masterson in Wakefield prison in the late 1970s while working as a lawyer with the National Council for Civil Liberties. Masterson was eventually charged with making threats to kill, but the case was dropped & he was awarded £3000 compensation, which he then wasn't paid.

The jury decided that Mr Harper did not honestly believe that Mr Masterson had made an explicit threat to kill her after a solicitor representing the psychiatrist had written to Mr Harper to say that was their opinion.

Who was putting the pressure on & why?

Anonymous said...

John Masterson was subject to Sensory deprivation/mind control experiments whilst in Wakefield Prison.

Harriet Harman, first met John Masterson when he was in Wakefield prison. In 1974 Masterson had spent 184 days in solitary confinement in the special control unit set up to deal with difficult prisoners, which had a reputation for brutality. Harman had just become legal officer of the National Council for Civil Liberties and took over a case brought by Masterson and another prisoner alleging that the Home Office had breached their human rights. (The other 2 inmates in the special unit were Michael Williams & Michael McMullen).

The Times of Jan 18 1980 reported that NCCL had appealed to a judge in Chambers for the disclosure of certain Home Office documents (no doubt related to the Wakefield prison 'special unit' policy).

The Times of June 24th 1980 reported that "Miss Harriet Harman, NCCL's Legal Officer said that the Law Society's decision (to refuse legal aid to Michael Williams) highlighted a gap in the legal aid legislation in which there was no provision for financing a test case."

Masterson believed that Harman deliberately jeopardised his & William's civil case against the Home Office to further her political career (- in october 1982 Harman was elected Member of Parliament for the constituency of Camberwell and Peckham..... (where john Masterson subequently moved to after being released from prison)

(A High Court Ruling by Justice Tudor Evans in May 1980 ruled that legal aid was not available to assist Michael Williams case).

The above info has been unearthed in trying to look for info on Lenny Harper, & it seemed too interesting not to post.......

ziz said...

It does of course explain why she walks arounfd Peckham with a 4 officer posse AND wears a Flak jacket.

Anonymous said...

Look up:
State-protected paedophile ring in Jersey?

Anonymous said...


"STATE-PROTECTED PAEDOPHILE RING IN JERSEY" http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2008/02/392266.html
...is alarming. It points specifically to the real culprits of the Ritual Sex Abuse(RSA) in Jersey.

What used to be a beautiful small island with a wide range to its expanding very mixed economy - not reliant on any one industry - agriculture, fishing, horticulture, light industry, tourism, welcoming people, good people, friendly people, god-fearing souls who lived in harmony with each other - Methodism was rife - but its leaders: Jeune, Mourant, Baudains, were they not all corrupted by Freemasonry? - Some argue its chapels are now "torched" by conniving property developers - coveting spiritual homes as Freemasonry's latest commercial venture?

Jersey is located on a 45 square mile island of 90,000 people sited between the south west of England & northern France by the western tip of the Cherbourg penninsula.

Now, since the Germans totally snuffed out Freemasonry in Jersey, [they detested the evil influence of its occult practitioners - perpetrated behind darkened windows in secret and in the dark!
Blindfolded with a hangman's noose around the neck and escorted to the MW Master of the Lodge - the Light of Lucifer!

"A wicked man walketh with a froward (i.e. evil) mouth..."

"..He that winketh with his EYES, he speaketh with his FEET, he teacheth with his FINGERS. Frowardness (i.e. evil) is in his heart, he deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord. Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken without remedy." (Proverbs 6:13)]

"But whoso [of senior authority in Jersey who are Freemasons - whether Bailiff, as Governor or Haut de la Garenne, Chief Minister, Attorney General or every senior male politician in Jersey who is a Freemason] shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me [the little ones of HAUT DE LA GARENNE children's home], it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea [in the depths of Hurd Deep]" (Matt.18:6; Mark 9:42;Luke 17:2).

Freemasonry has returned, gradually at first; but now, as with a vegeance, it has dug its roots deep into the fabric of Jersey's senior hierarchy. Its weeds and progeny now grow strong in fertile soil & pervade Jersey.

Its most senior politicians, lawyers, police and civil servants are now all corrupted brethren. Sworn secretly to protect brethren!

No justice, no mature democracy, no transparency, no accountability, no integrity, no honour, no goodwill, no acceptance of wrongdoing.

Just wrongdoing, corruption, deceit, embezzlement, breach of trust & fraud.

All telltales signs that Evil has taken control over Jersey.
The Inverted Pentagram flutters on its masthead.

There is nothing inherently wrong with symbolism but the will & intention of those who use it.

It is ironic then, that now, so very close to the Channel Islands is the vast French Nuclear power station & the largest nuclear processing plant in France that is increasing its military capacity to produce weapons-grade plutonium as this is written, to be used to make weapons grade ordnance that causes major increases in cancer [carcinogenic growth] in the people of the islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, Brecqhou and particularly Alderney.
The Bailiff WILL become a victim!

Tragic, that so many islanders have willingly submit themselves to serious drug abuse, instead of attacking the architects of immorality & depraved conduct. The irresponsibility of the adults is mirrored in the behaviour of the children? Corrupted adults - corrupted children.

Corrupted secular materialist China with "morals" that are RELATIVISTIC to the morals of others - China is widely seen militarily attacking spiritually acute, defenceless Tibetan monks & nuns who have ABSOLUTE morals. [They know what is GOOD - they know what is EVIL! No Debate.]

What is adversely affecting Jersey & Channel Islands are the consequences of the "Nuclear Nightmare". It is the only "boomerang" weapon ever in history. Whoever uses it - it will return to destroy them! As UK & US has used 350 tons of DU in Iraq - that destroys humanity & genetically mutates babies into grotesque "alien" entities that must pitifully be destroyed!

The Nuclear War of World War three has already started, and is now heating up. [Listen to the evil politicians - Clinton, Bush, Obama, who are hell bent on destroying us all in an apocalyptic inferno].

Not surprising then that Jersey will feel the pain!

The Depleted Uranium (DU) radioactivity produced from all nuclear plants is so horrifically toxic, it has a half life of 4.5 billion years (the age of the Earth) with devastating radiation of some 4.15 Million Electron Volts produced by Depleted Uranium or Plutonium when the intercellular voltage in our bodies is only some 10 Electron Volts!

[DU cannot be destroyed anywhere - UK "MAD" (Mutually Assured Destruction) policy is to use Nuclear Power for our energy needs - which is our very own death sentence. Its radioactive waste CANNOT be destroyed in any way known to man!]

See "youtube Iraq is a Nuclear War!!---Youtube search "Depleted Uranium"
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu9UfxKaFKA [Look at "4.16"]

Turning to increase in unidentified aerial phenomena.
In relation to us being warned of the adverse consequences of Nuclear use, look up the authenticated flight debrief reports of, amongst others, Captain Ray Bowyer, also ID'd by Jersey radar, Guernsey radar, passengers & other aircraft that visually ID'd a UFO in the restricted airspace over the Channel Islands reportable zone to the CAA - the UFO appeared to be monitoring the top secret nuclear radioactive production stations.
Realize the reason why!!!
We are being warned - as our Final Warning.
"Credible witnesses assert incredible evidence - 'Project Blue Book' - TOP SECRET!"
[Also be aware of 'Operation Northwoods' (Youtube Operation Northwoods)].

Remember that the media is controlled by the CFR - checkout "youtube The CFR controls American media"

See "Youtube Most accurate Investigation into UFO's ever"
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBtVOhAl2ks [07.52 asserts it was over 5,000 feet long = 1 statute mile long! As Captain Bowyer asserted as a professonal observer!]
This fact corroborrates the credible evidence and unbelievable size of the incredible object seen.
[See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDOOZ_IPb6Y&feature=related]
+ Dr Kitie - re Phoenix, Arizona lights; makes it clear there is now a far heightened amount of UFO activity of intelligent life that are bringing to our attention with increased sightings. [It has been robustly asserted we are being warned that the days of peaceful existence of humanity on our planet are numbered - we are about to witness MAJOR significant nuclear events caused by those evil Freemasons in power (the shadow government controlled by David Rockefeller and the 'Banksters'/'Bank Gangsters') linked to the White House that in reality control the government of the United States(US)].

We elect the government but we do not select them!

We must oust the evil men & hold them accountable - transparent and string them up for their increasing crimes - as they feed off the carcase of humanity that is being cremated like the "cremation of CARE" ritual at Bohemian Grove, California. [Where the elite of the US government & businessmen meet & several children are ritually sacrificed in front of a huge statue of Molech, the pagan owl of Freemasonry.
See Youtube: Alex Jones - Secrets in Bohemian Grove.

Anyone in Jersey would be foolish beyond belief to think there is NO connection between radioactive production from the nearby coast of France nuclear facilities & increased levels of cancer throughout Jersey!

Why does Jersey not protect its people & conduct a REGULAR survey of radioactve levels in Jersey?

In relation to police cover in Jersey, there are 270 (two hundred and seventy) paid police officers in Jersey [States of Police Police].

Why so many police when there were just 48 officers in 1943?
Because crime has increased?
to ensure the people of Jersey don't lynch the corrupt politicians & judiciary (from the professional liar/lawyer) cadre?

The police in Jersey are supplemented by unpaid voluntary Vingteniers [Vingt - responsible for 'Twenty' (families)], Centeniers [Cent - responsible for 'One Hundred' (families)] & Constable's Officers in each of the 12 parishes of Jersey [main town in Jersey being St Helier]. In Jersey the Honorary Police are seen as a bit of a joke [they protect their brethren].

1 in 6 (six) British police are Freemasons. It is no different in Jersey. With just under 600,000 Freemasons of a population of 60 million comprising 60 million acres of the UK - Freemasonry is the shadow government in the UK.
See "The Illuminati part 1 blair's biggest secret"

"JAH-BUL-ON" - the Saturnalian Devil God is not to be uttered in Jersey - only uttered to the 30/31/32/33 degrees.
The Freemasons must LIE in order to create a camouflage of confusion!

Lieutenant Governor of Jersey is a Freemason, as are many of the senior officers of 'staff' rank.
Same with the police in Jersey.
Graham Power is the Chief Officer.
Deputy Chief of Police is Leonard Harper, Superintendent is Shaun Du Val & below him are:
Chief Inspectors,
Every one a FREEMASON!

Just as so many others have noted that the chief minister and environment minister of Jersey are Freemasons. Sworn to protect their brothers.

The CID, the Drugs Squad & the Joint Financial Crimes Unit are kept busy.
Special Branch of Jersey liaises with MI5/Security Service at Thames House, Millbank (next to Palace of Westminster, which has 'New Welcome' Masonic Lodge in its precincts). The Jersey Special Branch (the UK's political police) has a presence at the Airport (behind striped one way glass) at St Peter & the Harbour (behind the same) at St Helier - they are ALL Freemasons.

Knowing that Jersey is so corrupt & has compromised its integrity & conscience on the altar of Mammon & Molech, it will be a victim of the fast approaching recession which will destroy Jersey and its evil MALE politicians who are every one a Freemason!

We know full well that Leonard (Lenny) Harper was involved in the case of John Masterson, a 56-year-old Scotsman who had spent 17 years in jail, who boasted of his friendship with the Kray twins.

From reporting of the court case in September 1999, Detective Superintendent Leonard Harper arrested John Masterson, in 1989 after a psychiatrist at the Maudsley hospital, south London, had telephoned the former cabinet minister to tell Miss Harman that "her patient had gone to sleep thinking about killing her".

Masterson tried to sue the Metropolitan Police for damages, claiming unlawful imprisonment and malicious prosecution after he was arrested for "making threats against Ms Harriet Harman". Harman [wife of Jack Dromey - TGWU Union leader - Union sponsors MPs] first met Mr Masterson in Wakefield prison in the late 1970s while working as a lawyer with the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL).

In the Labour Party, it is understood policy that the wife maintains her maiden name so the electorate cannot identify the incestuous links to the husband partner! [Deviously clever - policy from the "ARCHITECTS of DECEPTION"!][e.g. Balls & Cooper]

Political secretary to James Gordon Brown is Sue Nye whom is married to Gavyn Davies, ex BBC economics editor, ex head of Goldman Sachs whom links to CFR!
The same religious connection binds them together to Tessa Jowell and to appointee as Director of Governance Nicholas Kroll - ex permanent secretary at the DCMS. Whereas Michael Winogradsky "Grade" was appointed by Blair as Chairman of the BBC, a good friend of Michael Levy, who was appointed by Blair as "independent" Middle East Adviser.
The links are only too clear!

Returning to Masterson. He was eventually charged with "making threats to kill", but the case was dropped & he was awarded £3000 compensation, which he then wasn't paid. [Police "on the square" are known "in the Job" (i.e. "in the force") to be extremely corrupt].

The jury decided that Mr Harper did not honestly believe that Mr Masterson had made an explicit threat to kill her after a solicitor representing the psychiatrist had written to Mr Harper to say that was their opinion.

Yes, pressure was indeed put on!

We know what Harriet Harman has done to others to be raised up the greasy pole. We also know the actions of those in ultimate authority in the Labour Party. Deviously Clever are their ways!

Brown, like Blair, Sarkozy of France, Berlusconi of Italy, George Walker Bush, evil Clinton (look up the powerful Clinton Chronicles and his drugs importing, money laundering scam linked to Arkansas State aid) http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6470450895164255089) & GHW Bush are all senior 33 degree Freemasons. Buerlusconi chose David Mills as a "very good" lawyer as his wife is in reality the jewish princess, Tessa Jowell (Mrs Mills - supposedly now "divorced"?) & what a co-incidence - she determines who "wins" the supercasino franchises - all fair & free?
No preferences?
Think about it - Mr Mills as a Freemason has a duty to lie to create a camouflage of confusion as a Freemason!

Just as the pathetic fools at the head of the Jersey hydra - called a parliament - the elective dictatorship - try to censor free democratic debate of the most heroic Jerseyman: Senator, Stuart Syvret.

Jersey is badly served by corrupt evil political slugs who slither like serpents - illiterate, ignorant imbeciles who as brainless lemmings would go over a cliff - without Senator Syvret, Jersey is sunk forever!

What is happening in Jersey in relation to the Goose Green march unique environmental ecological heritage site is being done by stealth through the vehicle of an unaccountable, untransparent
"offshore" Isle of Man company to favour & serve the interests of a politician's PRIVATE interest in spirit if not in law - against the PUBLIC interest. With the connivance of the Environment minister who should stand down if he cannot be trusted to represent the Public Interest.
"Goose Green Inquiry Begins this week."
Dandara, an Isle of Man "Off-shore" dodgy UK tax avoiding company which is linked to the chief minister of Jersey, Mr Walker to want to build 102 houses. Yet is not the environment minister, Frederick Cohen not inextricably linked to Mr Walker - as protege to the Masonic mentor?

The whole Goose Green March matter is a shocking Public disgrace.
Only described as EVIL.

But it is the tip of the iceberg.

That is why Britain is finished!

The UK is now seen in its final death throes, as Britain approaches the accelerating last years of humanity...

Yes, their time is indeed numbered...


Anonymous said...


We are all aware of the evil wicked CLINTON and the Mena drug smuggling, money laundering cartel, as highlighted in the previous posting.

As CLINTON is desperate to relive his political ambitions through his wife as a proxy for the Illuminati Freemasons. [Controlled by the shadow government of David Rockefeller - who controls the major Wall Street Banks, the Federal Reserve, the CFR, which in turn controls the Media and the 'puppet' politicians who get financed indirectly by the banking cartel]. [Yet, Clinton has no chance!]

However, not so many are aware of the MAFIA, CIA & GEORGE WALKER ("Dubya") BUSH [FREEMASON] Connection that has its heart in JERSEY in 'OUR DEAR CHANNEL ISLANDS' [as Churchill incorporated into his 1945 speech]!!!


The Mafia, CIA and George Bush
Pete Brewton
(New York: S.P.I. Books, 1992)

Something very significant happened during the US Savings-and-Loan [S&L] crisis [equivalent to Building Society's in the UK - like Northern Rock - controlled through Granite based in Guernsey], the greatest financial disaster since the Great Depression. It happened quietly, secretly, without any fanfare and attention. It happened before our very eyes, yet we knew it not.

What we all missed was the massive transfer of wealth from the American taxpayers to a select group of extremely rich, powerful people. [Controlled through JERSEY in the Channel Islands!] What these people had in common -- unknown to the American public -- were their symbiotic relationships to the Mafia and the CIA, and to the two most prominent, powerful politicians from Texas, President GEORGE BUSH and Senator Lloyd Bentsen.

This small cabal of businessmen realized that the S&Ls were going the way of the dinosaurs. [They were mutual funds owned by the depositors - not securitised off or privatised off to "shareholders"]. They recognized that S&Ls couldn't survive under rapid INFLATION and HIGH INTEREST RATES (caused with deliberation in order to orchestrate the GREATEST FRAUD IN US HISTORY against US citizens - the 'GOYIM'). So they decided to exploit the situation for their own purposes, with help from, and rewards for, the Mafia, the CIA and their favourite politicians. [BUSH pals who were all FREEMASONS]. They probably figured that the insulation and protection these powerful institutions and individuals conferred upon them, in addition to all the endemic protections with the financial, judicial, political and journalistic systems, made them INVULNERABLE. They were probably right.

For unlike Watergate and Iran-Contra, this was a BIPARTISAN SCANDAL. There was no opposition party to push for an independent investigation. In fact, the same group of wealthy, powerful businessmen, centered in Houston, TEXAS that encircle Republicans like GEORGE BUSH and James A. Baker III, also encircle Democrats like Jim Wright and Lloyd Bentsen.

This information enables one to view the 1988 elections, in which not one cross word was ever spoken about the Savings-and-Loan [S&L] debacle, in a whole new perspective. It was not merely a fortuitous coincidence that both BUSH, the Republican nominee for President, and Bentsen, the Democratic nominee for Vice President, were part of, and beholden to, the same group of Houston, Texas businessmen. Even if the Democrats lost that presidential election, as they did, Bentsen could still win re-election to his Senate seat under the so-called "LBJ rule." The HOUSTON, TEXAS boys, as usual, had their bets covered.

(If the Democrats had won in 1988, this book would be entitled "The Mafia, the CIA and Lloyd Bentsen," for Bentsen and BUSH are two interchangeable peas in a pod. They have many friends, business associates and campaign donors in common. The story of the most important one they share begins this book.)

But BUSH won in 1988, and one of the reasons he did was his ability to keep the S&L scandal out of the political debate. He was assisted in this by none other than Bentsen, as we shall see. They both had much to hide, BUSH in particular. Not only were many of the President-to-be's friends involved -- along with two of his sons -- but BUSH himself, as Vice President, had personally intervened in the federal regulation of a dirty Florida Savings and Loan (S&L) that was being LOOTED by people with connections to the Mafia and the CIA. This S&L ultimately failed, costing taxpayers nearly $700 million USD.


The S&L scandal is the vehicle for telling the story about these leading American politicians and businessmen. But the relationships between these individuals and how they control and manipulate public and private institutions is the bigger story. Unless we know WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE and understand HOW THEY OPERATE, we can all look forward to more S&L-type debacles to come.

The S&L scandal was almost "THE PERFECT CRIME". The layers of protection and insulation between what the public discovered was going on at the Savings and Loans (S&L) and what actually happened with the money were so many and so thick that the CRIMES and THEFT would never be completely figured out. And even if the truth were ultimately unearthed, there were additional layers between that revelation and the bringing of those responsible to the bar of justice and recovering the money.

The first and foremost layer of protection is the difficulty in TRACKING the money from the Savings and Loans (S&L) to its ultimate destination. That is why almost no FBI agent, federal prosecutor, S&L regulator, congressional committee or journalist has been able to track the money. Yet WHERE THE MONEY WENT [TO JERSEY, IN THE CHANNEL ISLES!!!] IS REALLY THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. The rest of the "facts" that, typically, got investigated, prosecuted and written about were mostly smoke and mirrors, set up to shield who really got the hundreds of billions of dollars that taxpayers must pay back and to hide what the money was used for.[1]
[1]--A notable exception is the book INSIDE JOB [like the 911 false flag operation con against the gullible US public in the very same way as the planned but not then authorised by the US president, JFK, known as 'OPERATION NORTHWOODS' - just as Hitler used the Reichstag fire which he used as a "reason" to target the Jewish people], by Stephen Pizzo, Mary Fricker and Paul Muolo, which nailed down the fact that the Savings-and-Loan [S&L] debacle was caused primarily by FRAUD.

The five years that went into the book represents the efforts to peel back all the layers of insulation and protection to get to the real culprits. It is organized with that process in mind, to help the reader understand a complicated and confusing subject.

In general, the bulk of the money "lost" in the S&L crisis that American citizens must now pay for went to the OWNERS of the property and assets that the more notorious borrowers purchased with money from S&Ls run by equally infamous owners.

This seems to be OBVIOUS, yet it somehow got lost in all the hype and hysteria. While Congress, the Justice Department and the press [controlled by the CFR] concentrated on the flamboyant borrowers and managers of the S&Ls, the big recipients of the money -- the wealthy, powerful LANDOWNERS and PROPERTY OWNERS -- crept off quietly with their profits.

In the second half of the book, a number of examples are detailed to show how this happened, and who got the money. For example, one later chapter deals with a $200 million, 21,000-acre land transaction in Florida in which much of the borrowed S&L money went to a paper company owned by the DU PONT empire, one of the oldest, richest, most powerful bastions of wealth in this country.

We know this because many of the lending documents were pursued by a lone, shrewd, tenacious federal regulator named Kenneth Cureton.

However, the unraveling of this transaction was a rare and exceptional event. But even it could not be called a complete victory. The Department of Justice's International Division, the government body through which subpoenas to OFFSHORE BANKS must pass, inexplicably became a brick wall for Cureton's efforts to obtain records on the ISLE of JERSEY in the English Channel, where a big chunk of the money went -- possibly to buy weapons for IRAQ.

Since so many of the crucial documents in this scandal are not available, we are left with the second-best avenue of investigation: finding out who the original property owners were and everything we can about them, and then doing the same thing for the S&L proprietors and borrowers. The bulk of this book consists of that enterprise.

The evidence uncovered is clear, convincing, and compelling: Members and associates of the Mafia and the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) were key participants in our nation's Savings-and-Loan (S&L) debacle, and some of the richest, most powerful people in the country did business with these participants and profited from the S&L crisis.

That members of the Mafia and the CIA, two organizations that operate in SECRECY and whose members take SACRED OATHS [as FREEMASONS] -- one supposedly dedicated to national security, the other simply to their organizations' security -- may have been working together is not unprecedented in the US. But that fact doesn't make their cooperation any less outrageous.

It is well known that members of the Mafia and the CIA conspired to try to assassinate Fidel Castro.

There are other, less substantiated, although credible, allegations regarding the two groups' involvement together in drug smuggling and money laundering in Southeast Asia, Australia and the Caribbean.[2]
[2]--The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia, by Alfred W. McCoy (New York: Harper and Row, 1972); The Crimes of Patriots, by Jonathan Kwimy (New York: Norton, 1987); and In Banks We Trust, by Penny Lernoux (Penguin Books, 1986).
There are also some curious, ominous connections between members of these groups and JFK-assassination figures Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby. [In reality assassinated by the US Secret Service and "The Increment"].


Drawing a straight, direct line from the CIA operatives discussed in the book to the top officials of the CIA and on to the President is extremely difficult because of the way the CIA works. Most of the characters in the book are not the card-carrying bureaucrats and bean counters at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. They are what are called CIA "ASSETS," who can be someone who turns over an occasional piece of information to the CIA, without even knowing it is for the CIA, all the way up to someone who is continually working for the CIA in covert operations.

A similar and, likewise, important cog in CIA operations is what is known as a 'cutout'. A 'cutout' is a front man or middle man set up to protect the identities of the primary participants. Like an 'asset', a 'cutout' may or may not know for whom he is working and the actual purpose of his work. (The Mafia also makes use of such 'cutouts', except they call them "mustaches" or "beards.")

The CIA uses 'assets' and 'cutouts' to maintain one of its prime directives: PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY, or, in other words, "DON'T GET CAUGHT EMBARRASSING THE PRESIDENT." (The CIA is the intelligence-gathering and COVERT-ACTION ARM OF THE PRESIDENT. Perhaps that is the definition JOURNALISTS SHOULD ALWAYS REFER TO, rather than just throwing the general term "CIA" around as if it were some sort of independently run mythical loose cannon.) So . . . if an 'asset' or 'cutout' is caught breaking the law, the CIA can deny that its operative was working for it at that particular time.

This leads to one difference between the Mafia and the CIA, particularly in this story. Once it is established that members and associates of the Mafia are involved in a failed Savings and Loan [S&L], that is usually enough to establish, prima facie, the involvement of the Mafia. Members and associates of the Mafia don't do such things without the knowledge, permission and the sharing of the spoils, with their superiors.

The destruction of the Savings and Loan (S&L) industry in Texas, and in some other parts of the country, worked basically like an organized-crime bustout or burnout. This is a mob scam in which a failing company is taken over, built up on credit, then drained of all its assets and purposely put into bankruptcy, leaving the creditors holding the bag.

In the case of Savings and Loans (S&L), the credit was federally insured deposits injected by money brokers, like mob associate Mario Renda, and the creditors are the taxpayers. The 'front-men', the 'cutouts' and the "mustaches," like Don Dixon, Tyrell Barker, Ed McBirney, Jarrett Woods, Roy Dailey, Mike Adkinson and Robert Corson, are left to take the blame. But don't feel sorry for them, for they have usually skimmed enough off to OFFSHORE BANK ACCOUNTS [as in JERSEY] to make it well worth a couple of years in jail, keeping their mouths shut.

However, because of the CIA's doctrine of PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY, the involvement of a CIA 'asset' in a failed Savings and Loan (S&L) does not make a prima facie case for the involvement of the CIA. In fact, there is no independent test a journalist can conduct to determine whether the involvement of a CIA 'asset' means the CIA has sanctioned it or whether the asset is just freelancing for his own gain. Both possibilities would look the same to an outside observer.

The only way to tell would be if the CIA admitted its involvement or if there were unassailable, documented evidence showing S&L money going from an 'asset' to a CIA operation. This is attainable only by SUBPOENA, if at all. Even in such a case the CIA might deny that it knew the asset was pumping money into the operation or that it knew money came from an S&L. But if the CIA admitted that, it would be admitting that it is both INCOMPETENT and STUPID.

In the case of the failed S&Ls, the CIA categorically denied its involvement. The CIA did admit to a congressional committee that it had a relationship to 5 (five) individuals connected to failed Savings and Loans (S&Ls), and that it had also done business with 4 (four) Savings and Loans that later failed. But the spy agency claimed that its business with these S&Ls was legitimate.

However, there are several cases in which there are clear indications that S&L money went directly to operations that the CIA took part in, even if it didn't overtly control them -- for example, the cases of IRAN-CONTRA and of weapons shipments to the Middle East.

But one thing we can say, categorically: The CIA either knew or didn't know what its operatives were doing at S&Ls. If it knew, why didn't it stop them or alert the proper authorities? If it didn't know, how effective an intelligence agency could it really be?


Finally, a word about the CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE in the book. Circumstantial evidence must necessarily be used because of the secretive nature of the CIA and the unavailability of S&L documents. The evidence appears many times in this way: A failed S&L was owned and controlled by people who have done business with Mafia associates and CIA operatives; many of the borrowers were Mafia and CIA associates; many of the original property owners did business with Mafia and CIA operatives and some of the money disappears in foreign accounts controlled by Mafia and CIA associates.

What does such evidence prove?

Based on research and knowledge of the CIA, it makes it more likely than not that someone in the CIA hierarchy knew about and approved, if not instigated, the S&L actions of its operatives.

In any event, journalists are not in the proof business, but in the information business. PROOF is for mathematicians and courts of law, and even in those arenas, there are great disputes about what constitutes proof. The readers of the book, and the American public, can evaluate the evidence and information in the book for themselves and decide whether it should be acted upon or ignored.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with circumstantial evidence. In US & UK courts of law, fortunes and lives can be won or lost, fairly and squarely, on the basis of circumstantial evidence. Juries, as well as readers of this book, may INFER FACTS and CONCLUSIONS from circumstantial evidence. The author attempted to set out all the facts and circumstantial evidence that he knew. In some cases the meanings are clear and conclusions can be drawn. In other places the going gets a little tough, because there is not enough data and evidence to draw meanings and reach conclusions.

In all, the author tried to follow the injunction of the US forefathers, who in proclaiming their thesis in the Declaration of Independence, stated: ". . . let facts be submitted to a candid world."

Admittedly, it is easy to be cynical and discouraged about the situation presented in the book. One question that is asked is: "What can the American people do about this?" There are no quick-and-easy solutions or panaceas. However, like the US founding fathers, we should have faith in the liberating power of KNOWLEDGE and INFORMATION. If we know how and why something happened, and who benefitted by it, then we will know the right thing to do.



The Mafia, CIA and George Bush
Pete Brewton
(New York: S.P.I. Books, 1992)

WILLIAM MICHAEL "MIKE" ADKINSON, con man and good old boy from the Florida panhandle; built houses in Houston and sold arms with some Kuwaitis to Iraq; borrowed close to $200 million from a half-dozen dirty S&Ls; convicted for fraud in a $200 million S&L land deal in Florida and sentenced to 11 years in prison; associate of Robert Corson.

ROBERT O. ANDERSON, former chairman of Atlantic Richfield; land-owner with Walter Mischer; borrowed from Hill Financial Savings with Richard Rossmiller.

GEORGE AUBIN, Kappa Sigma frat rat who named most of his companies after his fraternity; took E. F. Hutton for $48 million and several Texas S&Ls for more; always just hanging around Louisiana mobster Herman K. Beebe; one place he never hung around was the inside of a jail, despite vow by several FBI agents to put him there.

FARHAD AZIMA, Iranian native close to Pahlavi family; Kansas city airline owner; board member and stockholder of Kansas City bank controlled by the mob; CIA asset protected by CIA from criminal prosecution.

JAMES A. BAKER, III, White House chief of Staff, former Secretary of the Treasury and Secretary of State; former partner at Andrews & Kurth, which investigated Raymond Hill and Mainland Savings and then did nothing; longtime good friend of Raymond Hill.

JOHN BALLIS, Beaumont dentist who moved to Houston and married a rich man's daughter; developer; associate of John Riddle; pleaded guilty to savings-and-loan fraud and turned state's evidence against Roy Dailey.

BEN BARNES, former Texas lieutenant governor; business associate of Herman K. Beebe, Walter Mischer and John Connally.

JAMES "JIM" REYNOLDS BATH, Houston, Texas airplane company owner; CIA 'asset',[previously in Texas Air Guard with George W. (Dubya) Bush], front man for rich Saudis; associated with Reza Pahlavi, the Shah's son, and business partner with Lan Bentsen, the senator's son, and George W. Bush, the President's son; borrowed from Lamar Savings and Mainland Savings. Linked to man who now lives in Jersey.

CHARLES BAZARIAN, Oklahoma con man, convicted felon and associate of numerous S&L crooks and mobsters, including Morris Shenker, Mario Renda and Don Dixon.

HERMAN K. BEEBE, SR., Louisian financier, convicted felon and Mafia associate; many connections to the intelligence community; godfather of the dirty Texas S&Ls; did nine months in Club Fed.

JAKE BELIN, former head of the largest private landowner in Florida, St. Joe Paper Co., which is owned by the A. I. DuPont Trust; protegé of Ed Ball, right-wing fanatic [sic!] and most powerful man Florida has ever known; Belin liked doing business with fellow Florida redneck Mike Adkinson; he also liked the $80 million St. Joe got from Hill Financial Savings [in JERSEY].

LLOYD BENTSEN, senior Democratic senator from Texas; an owner of three Texas S&Ls that later ended up in the hands of CIA or Mafia associates; close to Walter Mischer.

FERNANDO BIRBRAGHER, convicted drug-money launderer at Marvin Warner's Great American Bank; got probation amid rumors of connections to a higher authority (CIA); helped Jack DeVoe launder his drug money; now building hush kits for DC-8s; bought Farhad Azima's interest in two DC-8s in Spain; business partner with Miguel Acosta, a former associate of Ron Martin.

WILLIAM BLAKEMORE, Midland oilman and fierce Contra supporter; head of Gulf & Caribbean Foundation, set up to lobby Congress for aid to Contras; good friend of George Bush; his Iron Mountain ranch the site of paramilitary training and alleged transshipment of weapons.

ROBERT BOBB and DOUGLAS CROCKER, Chicago businessmen who worked for Gouletas family; bought Bellamah Associates from Gouletases; had business dealings with Robert Corson, Larry Mizel's MDC Corp., Silverado Savings and Key Savings.

RICHARD BRENNEKE, renegade intelligence operative and gun dealer; told press about Iran-Contra deals and S&L deals; worked for CIA, Israeli intelligence [MOSSAD], Customs and others; acquitted of perjury charge for claiming to work for the CIA; laundered Mafia and CIA money with Robert Corson.

NORMAN BROWNSTEIN, Denver, Colorado attorney; "Mr. Fix-it"; worked with Kenneth Good, Bill Walters, Larry Mizel, Marvin Davis, Michael Milken, Burton Kanter, Neil Bush and the Gouletas family; good friend of Senator Ted Kennedy, who called him this country's one hundred and first senator.

GEORGE WALKER ("DUBYA") BUSH, 43rd President of the United States.

JOHN ELLIS "JEB" BUSH, the ex President's son; Contra supporter; business associate of Camilo Padreda, who escaped S&L conviction (with Guillermo Hernandez-Cartaya) with possible help from the CIA.

NEIL BUSH, the ex President's son; director of Silverado Savings; partner with Bill Walters and Ken Good; friend of Walt Mischer, Jr.

LEONARD CAPALDI, reputed Detroit Mafia associate; borrower at Mainland Savings and Hill Financial Savings [JERSEY].

EULALIO FRANCISCO "FRANK" CASTRO, Cuban exile and Bay of Pigs veteran; CIA operative who helped train and supply Contras; part of drug-smuggling ring that bought Sunshine State Bank.

JACK CHAPMAN, Omaha lawyer and former CIA operative, represented Mario Renda; took half a million in cash from CIA-connected Haitian, Clemard Joseph Charles, for Renda to bribe union officials.

CLEMARD JOSEPH CHARLES, Haitian exile who laundered money for Mario Renda to bribe union officials; CIA asset; mob money launderer; associate of Miami lawyer who represented Lawrence Freeman.

ROBERT CLARKE, former U.S. Comptroller of the Currency; lawyer with Houston firm Bracewell and Patterson; involved with Walter Mischer and Mischer's Allied Bank; associated with Louisiana bank connected to Herman K. Beebe; helped charter West Belt National Bank, where Mike Adkinson and E. Trine Starnes, Jr., were stockholders.

JOHN CONNALLY, former Texas governor; Charles Keating worked on his 1980 Republican presidential race; he and his partner, Ben Barnes, borrowed tens of millions of dollars from dirty S&Ls. [The 'Precinct 13' scam ensured he deceitfully took the Governor's Democratic election].

RAY CORONA, former head of "Mafia" bank – Sunshine State Bank in Miami, which he fronted for drug smugglers; convicted felon; borrower from Peoples Savings in Llano, Texas; associate of mobsters and CIA operatives, including Leonard Pelullo, Frank Castro, Guillermo Hernandez-Cartaya and Steve Samos.

ROBERT L. CORSON, Houston good old boy and developer who owned Vision Banc Savings in Kingsville; Walter Mischer's former son-in-law; CIA mule; indicted along with Mike Adkinson for $200 million S&L land deal in Florida.

ROY DAILEY, Robert Corson's first cousin; former business associate of Walter Mischer; convicted for fraud at First Savings of East Texas, which he owned with money borrowed from Herman K. Beebe.

MARVIN DAVIS, Denver and Beverly Hills oil billionaire; neighbour of Norman Brownstein; did business with John Dick; his daughter was in the cookie business with Neil Bush's wife, Sharon.

JACK DEVOE, convicted cocaine trafficker and CIA-connected arms smuggler; used Lawrence Freeman to launder money, which went to same trust in ISLE of JERSEY that was used by Robert Corson and Mike Adkinson; involved in drug-smuggling and money-laundering operation that included Fernando Birbragher and Marvin Warner's Great American Bank.

JOHN DICK, who lives on a manor on the Isle of Jersey; Denver, Colorado attorney by way of Russia and Canada; director of Liberty Global Inc, Unitedglobalcom Inc, Liberty Global Europe, Austar United Communications Ltd, Hooper Industries Group, Moscab, business partner with Silverado borrower Bill Walters; associate of Marvin Davis and Robert O. Anderson; borrowed from Hill [Samuel] Financial Savings [in Jersey]; involved in Isle of Jersey trust company that was laundering drug money for Jack DeVoe and Lawrence Freeman and S&L money for Robert Corson and Mike Adkinson; sells wheat to the Russians; uses 'Youth for Christ' as cover.

DON DIXON, former head of Vernon Savings, which he bought with a little help from his friend Herman K. Beebe; associate of John Riddle.

LAWRENCE FREEMAN, disbarred Miami, Florida attorney and convicted money launderer for cocaine smuggle Jack DeVoe; set up $200 million S&L land deal for Jake Belin and Mike Adkinson; former law partner of CIA super-operative Paul Helliwell and alleged money launderer for Mafia boss Santo Trafficante.

BILLIE JEAN GARMAN, Robert Corson's mother and business partner; indicted along with her son in $200 million S&L land deal in Florida; first person publicly banned by feds from S&Ls.

THOMAS GAUBERT, big Democratic fundraiser from Dallas; former head of Independent American Savings; owned a piece of Sandia Federal Savings in Albuquerque; head of Telecom.

KENNETH GOOD, developer in Texas, Colorado and Florida; borrower at Silverado Savings and Jarrett Wood's Western Savings; helped set up Neil Bush in business.

GOULETAS FAMILY – NICHOLAS, EVANGELINE GOULETAS-CAREY and VICTOR GOULET – condo developers from Chicago; have alleged organized crime ties; owned Imperial Savings in San Diego; sold Bellamah Associates to Robert Bobb and Douglas Crocker.

JOSEPH GROSZ, Chicago mob associate; worked for Gouletas family; ran Southmark's San Jacinto Savings; director of Thomas Gaubert's Telecom.

MARVIN HAASS, San Antonio contractor; co-owner of Peoples Savings in Llano, Texas; associate of Morris Jaffe.

JAMES HAGUE, former owner of Liberty Federal Savings, Leesvile, Louisiana, which lent to Morris Shenker; associate of George Aubin and John Riddle.

STEFAN HALPER, co-founder with fellow George Bush supporter Harvey McLean of Palmer National Bank, which was financed by Herman K. Beebe and funneled private donations to the Contras; former son-in-law of past CIA deputy director Ray Cline; helped set up legal defense fund for Oliver North.

J. B. HARALSON, former head of Mercury Savings and Ben Milan Savings, where he was fronting for his close associate George Aubin; old Surety Savings hand and managing officer of two other Texas S&Ls that later failed.

RAYMOND SIDNEY RICHARD HARVEY, ISLE of JERSEY money manager; handled drug money for Jack DeVoe and Lawrence Freeman and S&L money for Mike Adkinson and Robert Corson; associate of John Dick.

GUILLERMO HERNANDEZ-CARTAYA[1], Cuban exile and Bay of Pigs veteran; convicted of fraud at Texas S&L he bought from Lloyd Bentsen's father; CIA and Mafia money launderer; protected by CIA from certain criminal charges.
[1] Many hispanics are characters in the book.

RAYMOND HILL, Houston attorney and scion of old, rich Houston family; owner of Mainland Savings, which lent money to Mafia associates and CIA operatives; did business with Walter Mischer, "his mentor"; close friend of James A. Baker III.

JERRY HOLLEY, Waco contractor; co-owner with Marvin Haass of Peoples Savings; convicted for perjury involving S&L.

K. C. HOOD, Western Savings officer; convicted felon; associate of Herman K. Beebe; House Speaker Jim Wright rode in his plane.

MONZER HOURANI, Lebanese native and Houston businessman; close friend of U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (Republican-Utah); did business with Robert Corson; borrowed from Lamar Savings and Mainland Savings.

MORRIS and DOUG JAFFE, father-and-son businessmen from San Antonio, Morris is an associate of Marvin Haass and Carlos Marcello, the New Orleans Mafia boss. Doug borrowed from Ed McBirney's Sunbelt Savings and provided jet airplane noise-limitation equipment for Farhad Azima and others.

BURTON KANTER, Chicago tax attorney and reputed organized crime associate; founded Castle Bank & Trust with CIA mastermind Paul Helliwell; close associate of Lawrence Freeman; his law firm set up trusts for Larry Mizel.

CHARLES KEATING, S&L looter; spawned by Carl Lindner; worked on John Connally's 1980 presidential campaign; controlled Lincoln Savings (the first big deal Lincoln Savings did was with John Connally); Lincoln involved in daisy chain with Larry Mizel's M.D.C. Holdings, Silverado Savings and San Jacinto Savings (Joseph Grosz); lent more than $30 million to Father Ritter's Covenant House; his chief pilot in 1979 was CIA operative Ken Qualls.

CARROLL KELLY, who epitomized his Kappa Sigma fraternity; owner of Continental Savings and associate of Herman K. Beebe ("I'm Beebe's man in Texas," he bragged to S&L regulators).

ADNAN KHASHOGGI, Saudi Arabian arms dealer, Iran-Contra middleman and borrower at Raymond Hill's Mainland Savings and Lamar Savings.

ART LEISER, chief examiner for Texas S&L Department; discovered S&L daisy chains with Herman K. Beebe at center in 1983; challenged Guillermo Hernandez-Cartaya to a tennis match to try to get him out of Texas S&Ls.

CARL LINDNER, Cincinnati conglomerateer; gave Charles Keating his start; associate of Michael Milken and Marvin Warner [JUNK BONDS]; business ties to Walter Mischer; owns Ocean Reef club on Key Largo where Jack DeVoe would bring in his cocaine from Columbia; Florida police report said Lindner would not be happy with DeVoe's income tax problems.

JON LINDSAY, county judge of Harris County; top Republican figure in Houston; close friend of George Bush; helped Robert Corson get his Savings and Loan (S&L) and got $10,000 campaign contribution from Corson.

DONALD LUNA, convicted S&L looter and union pension fund scam artist; caught at Flushing Federal S&L with mobsters; worked loan brokerage deal with Herman K. Beebe, Ben Barnes and Richard Rossmiller.

CARLOS MARCELLO, New Orleans Mafia boss, who also ruled over the Texas underworld; recently returned from a seven-year vacation at Club Fed; close associate of Santo Trafficante.

RONALD J. MARTIN, Miami, Florida gun dealer who provided arms to the Contras for the CIA; alleged business partner with Robert Corson in a casino in Grand Canary Island.

ED MCBIRNEY, "Fast Eddie" from Dallas, Texas; former head of Sunbelt Savings; associate of Jarrett Woods and George Aubin.

JOE MCDERMOTT, Houston, Texas developer; protegé of Walter Mischer; business partner of John Connally; borrower at Robert Corson's Vision Banc Savings.

HARVEY MCLEAN, Shreveport, Louisiana, businessman and close associate of Herman K. Beebe; owned Paris (Texas) Savings and Loan; founded Palmer National Bank with Stefan Halper and Beebe's money.

JOHN MECOM, SR. AND JR., Houston, Texas oilmen; Sr. organized a charitable foundation that laundered money for the CIA; Jr. allegedly associated with New Orleans mobsters.

WALT MISCHER, JR., the son, tapped to take over his father's empire; friend of Neil Bush; Kappa Sigma president.

WALTER M. MISCHER, SR., Houston, Texas developer, banker, power broker, who headed Allied Bank; Corson's former father-in-law; did business with the Mafia and the CIA; fourth largest landowner in Texas; owns 12 percent of Caribbean nation of BELIZE [British Honduras] with partners; friend and fundraiser for LBJ [who set up the Kennedy assassination 22/11/63 - he had most to benefit -= carried out by Secret Service + "The Increment"], Lloyd Bentsen, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, among many others.

LARRY MIZEL, Republican fundraiser and head of M.D.C. Holdings, a Denver, Colorado homebuilder, which did more than $300 million of business with Silverado Savings and owned stock in the Gouletas family's Imperial Savings; used Burton Kanter's law firm for family trusts.

JACK MODESETT, Houston real estate investor; headed company that did business with Howard Pulver and owned land in far west Texas by a guns-for-drugs landing strip (close to Walter Mischer's land).

LLOYD MONROE, former Kansas City organized-crime strike force prosecutor; told to back off Farhad Azima because he had CIA-issued "get-out-of-jail-free card".

MURCHISON, CLINT, SR. AND JR., Dallas oilmen and wheeler-dealers; Clint Sr. was involved in business in Haiti with a CIA operative; Clint Jr. purchased Mischer's interest in sawmills in Honduras; Jr., was involved with a CIA operative in Libya and did business with Herman K. Beebe and Adnan Khashoggi.

MARVIN NATHAN, Houston, Texas attorney who served on Carroll Kelly's Continental Savings' board; related by marriage to Robert Strauss; his law firm represented Robert Corson and Mike Adkinson; bought Texas ranch from the family of late Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza, which in turn had purchased it from one of George Bush's best friends.

WILL NORTHROP, Israeli army officer and military intelligence operative [MOSSAD]; worked in Central America with CIA; associate of Richard Brenneke; indicted with Adnan Khashoggi's attorney in scheme to sell arms to Iran; said Robert Corson "rode the CIA mule in with the Republican party."

LEONARD PELULLO, Philadelphia Mafia associate; borrower at Ray Corona's Sunshine State Bank; indicted in Ohio S&L scam with a member of the Herman K. Beebe circle; tried to buy an Atlantic City casino from another S&L looter; charged with fraud at American Savings in California.

ALBERT PREVOT, Houston and Louisiana businessman; associate of Herman K. Beebe and borrower at Mainland Savings and Continental Savings.

HOWARD PULVER, Long Island apartment syndicator who got money from Mainland Savings and Sandia Federal Savings; did business with mob associate Seymour Lazar; neighbor of Martin Schwimmer.

WAYNE REEDER, California developer; associate of Herman K. Beebe; borrower at Silverado Savings; his CIA-connected associate tried to make guns for the Contras on an Indian reservation.

MARIO RENDA, Long Island money broker with Martin Schwimmer, convicted felon and Mafia associate with a number of CIA buddies.

JOHN C. RIDDLE, a University of Texas Kappa Sigma who tried to emulate his fraternity brother George Aubin; Houston lawyer, developer, banker and title-company owner; close associate of Robert Corson; borrowed several hundred million dollars from Texas S&Ls that later failed.

JOHN B. ROBERTS, San Antonio developer who owned Summit Savings in Dallas and Commerce Savings in San Antonio; associate of George Aubin, Jarrett Woods and Adnan Khashoggi; convicted felon.

VICTOR J. ROGERS II, scion of Beaumont's Rogers family, which owned Texas State Optical; former law partner of John Riddle; former co-owner of an Austin savings and loan; former officer of Caesar's Palace casino in Las Vegas; his uncles were the third largest stockholders of Caesar's Palace; two uncles served as directors of a Beaumont S&L that lent money to Harvey McLean on his Palmer National Bank stock.

RICHARD ROSSMILLER, Denver developer, Herman K. Beebe associate and borrower at Hill Financial Savings; alleged to be the largest debtor to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. in the country; John Dick's neighbour.

HEINRICH RUPP, Denver, Colorado gold dealer and CIA operative; convicted of bank fraud with mobsters; associate of Richard Brenneke.

JOE RUSSO, noted Houston, Texas developer; good friend of George Bush and Lloyd Bentsen; owned Ameriway Savings; big borrower at five failed S&Ls; minority owner of United Press International; Kappa Sigma.

STEVE SAMOS, convicted drug trafficker; helped Ray Corona set up Sunshine State Bank for drug smugglers; helped set up companies that funneled money and weapons to the Contras.

KENNETH SCHNITZER, noted Houston developer; business associate of Walter Mischer; owned BancPlus Savings; allegedly associated with mobsters.

MARTIN SCHWIMMER, convicted Long Island money broker with Mario Renda; Ph.D. and author; Mafia money launderer; neighbour of Howard Pulver.

BARRY SEAL, murdered drug smuggler, gun runner, DEA informant and CIA asset; used by CIA on drug sting of Sandinistas; had owned C-123K used to resupply the Contras; caught in 1972 guns-for-drugs operation with Cuban exiles in Mexico that included a Texas rancher, a Gambino family associate and Herman K. Beebe.

MORRIS SHENKER, deceased mob lawyer and casino owner; several of his properties ended up in the hands of Southmark, a Dallas, Texas real estate firm that was a mob dumping ground and owner of San Jacinto Savings.

REBECCA SIMS, former accountant for Robert Corson turned free-lance investigator and journalist.

ELLISON TRINE STARNES, JR., Houston, Texas con man and son of famous evangelist; borrower at Mischer's Allied Bank; second largest borrower at Silverado Savings ($77 million); associate of John Riddle; borrowed more than $27 million from Carroll Kelly's Continental Savings; one of the biggest private donors to the Contras.

ROBERT STRAUSS, Dallas, Texas attorney; U.S. Ambassador to Moscow and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee; friend of George Bush and former business partner with James A. Baker III; he and his son, Richard, were involved in a number of failed Texas S&Ls, including Lamar and Gibraltar.

SANTO TRAFFICANTE, the late Tampa, Florida Mafia boss; worked with CIA to try to assassinate Fidel Castro; involved in narcotics trafficking in Southeast Asia with CIA operatives; close to Carlos Marcello; one of his money launderers was Lawrence Freeman.

JACK TROTTER, Houston, Texas investor and close associate of Walter Mischer; headed Lloyd Bentsen's trust; business partner of James Reynolds ('Jim') Bath.

BILL WALTERS, Denver, Colorado developer; borrower at Silverado Savings; helped set up Neil Bush in business; associate of Richard Rossmiller and John Dick.

MARVIN WARNER, native Alabaman who was involved in a number of failed S&Ls in Ohio and Florida; former U.S. ambassador to Switzerland; former chairman of Great American Bank and American Savings of Florida; convicted of S&L fraud in Ohio; had business ties to Robert Corson.

STEPHEN CASS WEILAND, Robert Corson's attorney; former chief counsel to Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations; expert on narcotics trafficking, money laundering and offshore banks; makes cameo appearance in Oliver North's notebooks regarding a White House project in BELIZE (British Honduras).

JARRETT WOODS, former head of Western Savings; childhood buddy and close associate of George Aubin; sentenced to 25 years in jail for S&L fraud.

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