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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Leeds 7/7 Bombers Fan Club - Oh what a tangled web Plod weaves

Readers are advised to go to J7: July 7th Truth Campaign Blog - the blog of the indefatigable and painstaking truth seekers of the July 7th Truth Campaign . This latest post concerns the release of CCTV evidence at the continuing trials of Waheed Ali (aka Shipon Ullah), Sadeer Saleem & Mohammed Shakil at Kingston Crown Court

Tuesday, 22 April 2008 Mind (Plug?) the Gaps

In response to their FOI request (which so far is refused) they report .... "Note the acknowledgement from Detective Inspector Neil Smith of Counter Terrorism Command that J7's scrutiny of the official account, and our ongoing Freedom of Information requests endeavouring to establish the facts about what happened on 7th July 2005, are "drawing attention to some issues in the official account which require clarification" and such queries are "seen as helpful rather than inconvenient".

Which means that there are some straight Plods ... or they are taking the piss.

We have had since the J7 initial request the release (unconnected) of covert photos which have appeared both in the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph which detail contact with a man called "Ausman" whom it appears is AKA Omar Khyam who was sent down after the "Ministry of Sound" bombing. The Times also has a report but no photographs.

Later editions of the Daily Telegraph say the date of the meeting photographed was February 21 2004, and changed the caption to read ..."Waheed Ali [left] photographed at another meeting with Shehzad Tanweer, Ausman and Mohammed Sidique Khan in a McDonald's car park". They also provide a much edited description of a conversation with Ausmann AKA Omar Khyam and Sidique Khan from his bugged Suzuki (date unknown).

Khan is told by Ausman if he goes to Afghanistan to take a breathable jacket and a good pair of boots, which is sound advice.Plus the usual sensible advice before going on a trip abroad, about fraudulently raising money, credit card scams etc.,

Why the prosecution introduce the name of Ausman instead of the name Omar Khyam , the name under which he was prosecuted is unknown, a mystery, and one suspects simply an aid to confusing the jury.
An example of the confusion which reigns - if only in newspaper offices) is this pic of Khan , a still from his earlier"suicide video" which "emerged" and its new misleading caption in the Daily Mail 11th April 2008 in a story by "ace" reporter pouting, glamrous Lucy Ballinger.

In text almost adjacent the correct information is provided that the video of Khan saying goodbye to his child was made " made shortly before Khan and fellow bomber Shezhad Tanweer travelled to Pakistan in November 2004"

Deliberate ? Inoccent mistake ?

As Lucy's story is entitled "7/7 ringleader prepared for suicide attacks by filming 'martyr' video for his daughter" and opens ...

"He has emerged as the ringleader in the London bombings, and today it became clear just how extensively Mohammad Sidique Khan had prepared for his death - even filming a message for his baby daughter. "

Let's hope J7's FOI request is met so we can see the fillum, and see if we agree with Lucy's tear jerking story of martyrdom in a breathable jacket and sensible walking shoes.

Lucy Ballinger ..?? One is not amused by Prince Harry's smokebomb prank , Embarrassed city girl apologies as party email goes around the globe, The teen party where 50 yobs trashed the house and even drugged the family puppy

No wonder she gets confused.


Stef said...

Which means that there are some straight Plods ... or they are taking the piss.

well, it saves on employing in-house proof readers doesn't it

Anonymous said...

The toppling of S Hussein statue pictures and the way they are presented are informative. How they are presented (eg long shot v close up) is a useful test of the integrity of the agents conveying the message. Similarly with the suicide/err-daughter goodbyes video.

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