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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mark Speight seen on CCTV - good job he wasn't 7/7 bomber

Yet another example how quickly CCTV images can be put in the public domain - but coming up to 3 years after 7/7 bombings and 8,000 items of fillum being examined we still have no clear images / moving images / undeniable location / time / of any of the 7/7 bombers and anyone else who may be associated with them.

Why ?

Because there is a massive official cover up of what actually happened on 7/7 2005.

UPDATE : Sunday 13th April 2008 The Daily Telegraph et al report his body was found hanging at Paddington station at 10.0 am . he was dead. CCTV from the station has been pulled for examination - evidently monitors were unable to see/track him.


Anonymous said...

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Stef said...

nice to see you back in circulation Jimbo

or should I say Heather?!

Anonymous said...

Are the two comments above intended to divert/trivilise the indisputable fact that there has been a massive cover up? That being obvious then the logical conclusion must be that the UK government murdered its own citizens and those of other countries.

Anonymous said...

Yes, even Al-Fayed understands the capabilities of the secret services.

Stef said...

mine certainly wasn't

and if that sort of thing is all that it would take then we really are all f**ked

Anonymous said...

Well if only people would use even part of their brains there wouldn't be the possibility that they'd be f**ked. Whose interest did 7/7 serve best? I don't believe the Muslim even if you take into account revenge. Any nation which needs to go to war with another has to make sure its citizens are fired up with hatred and that there appears to be justification for war and all that it entails. We're scuppered if we don't have oil and as we are meant to be civilised ie we don't steal or kill a pretext has to be given. But there is another reason for the government killing people and their continual hype of terrorism and that is their need to bring in repressive measures. Soon the economic situation is going to be very bad with the possibility of food shortages etc. That will bring riots, destabilisation etc. What better way to calm things down by shoving people off to jail for 42 days+. No wonder prison building is being rushed through.

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