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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Will Nu Labour get Balls at last ? Brown to go in shock psycho - drama - queen

Department of Special Collections and University Archives
McFarlin Library. University of Tulsa
Has the manuscript of a poem by Malcolm Lowry - Tashtego believed Red

Stubbs the quirky, fatalistic second mate on the Pequod had a harpoonist, Tashtego a "native" Gay Head Indian from Martha’s Vineyard. One of the last of his tribe which is about to disappear. The role of the noble savage is one he shares with Queeqeg , a prince from a South Sea island . Fuelled by rum he is more practical and less intellectual than Queequeg.

It is a popular belief that Tashtego's Polynesian friend was the origin of the name for Captain Queeg in Herman Wouk's "Caine Mutiny" made memorable by Humphrey Bogart in Stanley Kramers 1954 film of the book.

Lieutenant Commander Philip Francis Queeg, takes over the command of the Destroyer / minesweeper "Caine" a run down World War One ship.

Abandoning his girl May, he starts immediately losing respect of his officers by browbeating officer to sell him their liquor ration , smuggles liquor on board and swiftly and certainly loses the crews respect in a series of calamities.

On the first voyage the ship runs aground and Queeg blames the helmsman, they lose a gunnery target by over riding the cable, due to Queeg's inattention whilst disciplining a sailor for leaving his shirt tail out.

These failings culminate in the loss of a portion of strawberries the recovery of which becomes an epic enquiry which seals the dislike of the crew faced with his cowardice in action, when he leaves a dye marker to cover his premature retirement from action resulting in his being called "Old Yellowstain".

Lieutenant Stephen Maryk makes an amateur self diagnosis of him as a paranoid and maintains a diary of his increasingly eccentric behaviour to justify his analysis. This includes Queeg's obsessive habit of rolling steel ball bearings in his hand, both within and outside his pocket.

In a momentous typhoon Maryk seizes command and the story continues to dissect Queeg's actions in the form of a court martial not for mutiny but a lesser charge of Conduct to the Prejudice of Good Order and Discipline (the sort of charge that might apply to say a Chief Constable shagging WPC's on his staff).

Brown as Queeg

Gordon Brown has always appeared as a solitary and remote, isolated and driven character - widely believed to be a supressed homosexual - marriage has not stilled the rumours. Since assuming power - an assumption like a monarch and not the result of a populist party wide vote, his isolation has become more evident.

His curious physical tics have become morbidly amplified - Guido pokes relentless fun and obtains some schoolboy merriment at an episode when he picked his nose and ate the result in the House of Commons to be captured on the in house cameras and widely circulated as a vicious prank.

In public speech - of which we necessarily see more - and under stress, his odd open mouthed mouth breathing, his rapid claw like hand dragging down documents - scrawled over with huge type in blunt black Magic Markers have become increasingly evident.

The consequences of his famed indecision or as the Cameronian low lifers prefer, "dithering" are now framing his office... the call for an Autumn election, the Northern Rock extended debacle, troop levels in Iraq, signing the Lisbon treaty, appearance/ non appearance at the Beijing Olympics ceremonies.

The bizarre personal appearance - a combination of his own negligence and no doubt the despair of unheard helpers - trousers tucked in his sock, his persistently ragged necktie, inexpertly applied and hideously coloured face make - up and persistent facial tics and tricks all re-inforce a troubled person - not made any more likeable by has pallid face and the unfortunate asymmetry of his glass eye.

There are also the consistent stories of staff falling out, leaving - Spencer Livermore at his side for a decade departing for Saatchi & Saatchi (Some reports said Brown made Livermore cry with one of his tirades) .. or not starting such as David Pitt-Watson he personally selected as Labour Party Secretary.

Now we have the bizarre story in the Sunday Mail as the juvenile Ed. Balls (Maryk) is lobbying to mutiny and take command as the financial typhoon finally hits, and the Local election looms with premonitions of disaster as the Labour vote slumps in the polls, Bae corruption, Beijing, the kalaidoscope is shaking......

Balls, even if he is a simpleton is ambitious , he is not without allies, the Guradian says yesterday that Gordon is "clinically depressed" . Although he has his enemies - the craven war criminal Jack Straw apparently offered to biff Balls at a cabinet meeting last week.

Others lurk, and sensing danger to their own over arching personal agendas - Zionist Foreign Secretary the Boy David Miliband and Zionist backed Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell are scuttling about ... preparing their legions... and the funds to catapult them into the lead.

...and Queeg is in his cabin , fiddling with his balls.

UPDATE : Famous for 15 megapixels has some filthy film that is relevant if the sight of a grown man fiddling with his balls is not too much for you.


Stef said...

Matthew Parris sticking it into Brown, twisting a few times, then breaking off the handle

Stef said...

Spot on with the Caine Mutiny analogy btw ...Gordon Queeg, priceless

"Ahh, but the strawberries that's... that's where I had them. They laughed at me and made jokes but I proved beyond the shadow of a doubt and with... geometric logic... that a duplicate key to the wardroom icebox DID exist, and I'd have produced that key if they hadn't of pulled the Caine out of action. I, I, I know now they were only trying to protect some fellow officers..."

or how about

"Will you look at the man? He's a Freudian delight; he crawls with clues!"

Stef said...

as well as being ambitious you'd have to be plain daft, and a certified S&M freak, to make a play for Brown's job now

fortunately, the Labour front bench is filled with a bevy of suitable candidates

Blair timed his departure impeccably - nothing more than plain luck of course

paul said...

It's very odd that someone even more elusive than the current prime minister seeks to succeed him as an unelected leader.The mysterious mr balls, on the rare occasion of public appearance, strikes me as even weirder than gogs. Together with david miliband and james purnell they strike me as borderline autists. I wonder what they're vaccination history is?

ziz said...

James Purnell should certainly be checked out for a belly button - he can apparently morph himself into photographs from a distance both in space and time.

Your ideas on vaccination may have some bearing but Balls's hyperactivity loks more related to a high intake of Cheesy Whotsits stuffed full of their healthy and nutritious components.

When you watch this grining ape swinging on a rope, to be told he was the architect of the "triumvirate" which allegedly oversaw the UK financial markets for a decade - resulting in the financial disater of all time - presents no surprise.

What surprises is that anyone let him ...do you suppose he is brown's love child. Product of an unwise romance at Edinburgh University ?

There were some very ODD liaisons to be observed in Rose Street in the 60's.

paul said...

There were some very ODD liaisons to be observed in Rose Street in the 60's.
Around the Kenilworth perhaps?
A relation of mine has a vivid memory of being given the eye by an uncomfortable looking history student wandering the queen's(!) park in the early seventies.
Nothing wrong with that, but a little odd in a family man.

paul said...

The abject subjects of our united kingdom are ably represented by the josé ferrer figure, realising too late the real villains of the peice and his unwitting complicity.

ziz said...

Checking GB was born 20/2/51 so was only 16 when EB was born 25/2/67. (Yvette is 2 yrs younger)

EB's parentage doesn't appear to be public property, but like many of the NU Labour elite was educated privately and at, Oxford (Keble).

Perhaps he should be investigated for presence of a belly button, there is something distinctly alien about him.

Stef said...

Funnily enough, Jose's nephew popped into Downing Street last week

which means that I can connect Gordon Queeg to Lt Cmdr Queeg throuhg only two intermediate steps and I therefore claim my £5

ziz said...

They alsoshare the fact that his fillum is getting as bad a press as Lootenant Queeg is getting right now.

paul said...

I also recall a certain chancellor was thought to be in two minds on these matters when a young man. Another acquaintance also claimed his male flatmate had banged an immensely likeable but incorrigibly turps nudging lib dem.
May be Mugabe was right!!!
I've got my doubts about that mandelson fellow as well.....How the red faced men in bowler hats never rumbled him, I'll never know.

Ignominous said...

Linked next to a Times article above:

'S&M: just part of the social order'


ziz said...

Thanks for that ignomin(i?)ous - you touch on an area of human entertainment of which have little knowledge, ni directe xperience, nor do I want any.

As a youth I studied slugs, a much overlooked part of the animal kingdom. They have heowver a sex life which is theoretically highly desirable. Nature (or God orwhoever you think designs these things) has equipped them with the requisite bits for both sexes, so they penetrate each other in the appropriate places and maintain this bisexual bliss for periods of more than 24 hours - coating themselves simultaneously with a thick mucilaginous envelope - which is vaguely uanappealing.

I believe one of the whispering Attenboroughs recent fillums has a lengthy, detailed and beautifully shot sequence of 2 tropical slugs trying to maintain the species.

A possible drawback is that this only seems to happen at very infrequent intervals and on only a few ocassions during their lives.

S & M is of course ritualistic and attempts I have made with the priesthood to discuss the ritual wounding and flagellation on the Cross usually rapidly turn to talk of the weather - usually with the speed that Jews and Muslims find the subject of ritual sexual mutilation an explanation for circumcision a useful stepping off point for a discussion about the situation in Darfur.

P. Nominon said...

I thought 'cunnulingulus' was the Irish bint on Blue Peter 'til I read The Times.

Merkin said...

Wonderful stuff, all round.

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