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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Murder of Dr. David Kelly : Cherie's story

The curious saga of the demi-publishing of Cherie Blair's half formed memories are dribbling out and a curious and revealing extract features in the Daily Telegraph today under the by-line of Andy Bloxham. Cherie Blair: David Kelly suicide was Tony's darkest day

She described the moment her husband received the news of the death, which prompted Alastair Campbell to ask to quit.

“As I watched Tony hand back the phone, I saw him slump into his seat. From sitting upright he just crashed. David Kelly was dead, he said […] It was awful,” she wrote in her memoirs, parts of which are being serialised in The Times.

“I have never seen Tony so distraught and I felt helpless to do anything.

“Eventually he spoke to Alastair – God knows what time it was for either of them – who had just arrived back in London. Alastair said he couldn’t handle any more and wanted out.”

Al Campbell says in his diaries "The Blair Years" (page 722) ..."Then TB came on from the plane. I said I had really had enough. He said we should announce a judicial enquiry now. I said I really wanted to go now, it may not seem the time to do it, but it's exactly the time to do it because I was clear it had all gone too far and we needed to step back and think."

At the time TB was to take the stand at the Hutton enquiry, Al records TB saying ..." I hope you have all your diaries locked up safely somewhere - otherwise the men in black might come looking for them" Page 753

Cherie and Al of course both signed a copy of the Hutton report whitewash which raised £400 at an auction for party funds.

The morning after at Balmoral, sans contraceptive and Tony had evidenly shagged her bowlegged and little Leo is on the way.


Anonymous said...

The Times - where the story is being serialised - does not use the suicide word at all, just 'death'.

veracity said...

"The morning after at Balmoral, sans contraceptive and Tony had evidenly shagged her bowlegged and little Leo is on the way."

Leo Blair born 20 May 2000.

David Kelly died 17 July 2003.

ziz said...

the balmoral pic is 1000.

Nrs Cherie Booth/Blair was interviewed this am on BBC 4 Women's Hour.

On discussion the murder of Dr Kelly she studiousy referred throughout to his "death".

She is, after all, a lawyer.

It is entirely possible also that fleets of m'lern'd friends had obtained quick glimpse of the manuscript.

The interview was a shameless huckstering .. continual references that the listeners must buy it and "judge for themselves" ... not forgetting that it ended with a reminder that it was the BBC "Book of the Week" and is being read by the scoe bitch her every morning next week.

ziz said...

ooops Balmoral pic was 1999

ziz said...

ooops scouse bitch

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