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Friday, May 09, 2008

Cindy McCain. Rich bitch

The New York Times on Sunday queried John McCain's finances ..."The portrait of Mr. McCain's finances is particularly skimpy because his wife, Cindy McCain, has chosen not to make her separate tax returns available. Mrs. McCain, the daughter of a multimillionaire Anheuser-Busch distributor, is not the candidate, but the need to gain public trust and to air potential conflicts of interest is vital. Four years ago, we urged Teresa Heinz Kerry, the wealthy wife of the 2004 Democratic nominee, to release her tax returns.

There is no question that Mr. McCain benefits from his wife's money, including his low-cost use during the campaign of a corporate jet owned by a company headed by Mrs. McCain.

On the NBC Today Show Thursday she gave a very good impression of a hard faced bitch and Cindy declared that she will never release her tax returns -- not during the presidential campaign, and not even if she becomes first lady. "I'm not the candidate," she said."You know, my husband and I have been married 28 years and we have filed separate tax returns for 28 years. This is a privacy issue. My husband is the candidate,"

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean has got in on the act and has released a statement :

"What is John McCain trying to hide? Throughout this campaign, he has acted like his own calls for openness and accountability apply to everyone but himself. Now he thinks he can bring that same double standard to the White House. Whether he is skirting the FEC, withholding his tax returns, or stocking his campaign with the same Washington lobbyists he attacks on the campaign trail, John McCain is showing that he doesn't respect the voters enough to be honest with them. "

Details of candidates tax returns at USA Today


Anonymous said...

In the interview she expressed the desire to shoot off to Myanmar to help with the humanitarian efforts.

Perhaps Bush should send her ..she would descend like a valkyrie and scare the medal strewn and gold braid bemerded generals shitless.

Anonymous said...

I bet she beats the shit out of ol John with the leather whips and cuffs and stuff.

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