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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Everyday story of Chief Constable being hounded from Office by tabloid press : Amazing pictures !!!!

Here we go again...

An everyday story of a 57 year old married Chief Constable, Terry Grange of Dyfed and Powys now happily retired aftr struggling by on a salary of only £117,468,with his beautiful and loving wife and now the sordid, sleazy Press have to dish the dirt, in a tale thick with sleazy innuendo and established facts by the IPCC.

Anonymous hysterical woman feels she is wronged and runs to the IPCC and tells a frankly believable tale of office nooky, 103 "torrid" and "sexualy explicit" e-mails, posh nosh at cosy restaurants climaxing on the shag pile after in his office. Misuse of force credit cards ...who is going to believe this nonsense?

How many times do we have to have this every day story about Chief Constables screamed from the headlines ? Especially now when they are in the front line of the War on Terror saving us all from waves of suicidal jihadist Lucozade bombers.

Why, Oh Why oh Why ?

OK, So he likes shagging the staff ,. OK , which Chief Constable doesn't ?

OK, So he misused his position to make staff remove firewalls to receive his naughty emails ? So What ? OK , which Chief Constable doesn't ?

OK, So he makes the odd mistake on his expenses fiddles ,. OK , which Chief Constable doesn't ?

OK, So he skips meetings for a quick afternoon tea and crumpets followed by a quick shag with his bit on the side . Tell me, which Chief Constable doesn't ?

If say he had been the ACPO lead officer in charge of child protections and had been been reported in the Sunday Times saying ..."I don't actually personally adhere to the 15-year-old being with a 20-year-old boyfriend being paedophilia, or even if the boyfriend is 30."

Which is of course absolutely contrary to the law that states that In England, Wales and Scotland, anyone who has sex with a boy or girl under the age of 16 has committed an offence. (17 in Northern Ireland) Sun " A TOP cop has caused outrage by saying perverts who have sex with kids over 13 should NOT be called paedophiles." Rap for 'perv law' cop Sun

That would be a good reason to sack him ...but this ...?

Fortunately Terry has now retired and has even ponied up some "mistakes" he made on his expenses (again , which Chief Constable doesn't make THAT mistake?) so the public busybodies and the prying prurient peeping Toms of the Press can't chase him into court.

We should all be thankful that Crown Prosecution Service after their own through and painstaking insopection has decided there is insufficent evidence to prosecute him.

And the woman in the case ? (Who hides behind the shameful moniker of "Mrs A") .. getting more than her collar felt, with her tales of 'inappropriate comments and sexual innuendo' ... accompanying him to official police functions, staying at a hotel in London and shared evening meals ... and shared ...... ? 68 times between November 2006 and August 2007....and the most amazing nipples according to the lads in the canteen at Camarthen.

Shame on her.... and 3 cheers for champion performer Terry "Once a week at least " Grange

We say FREE TERRY - keep your hands off our Chief Constables and this constant muck raking ... who knows it could be ...er ... Ian Blair next ?

.. and remember this you Press wolves ... the IPCC investigation ruled there was no extra cost involved in booking hotel rooms in London together because “the hotel charges relate to the room costs and not the number of guests sharing.” ... all this extra naughty nooky didn't cost the tax payer a penny!! . How's that for care in the community ?

We say FREE TERRY - keep your hands off our Chief Constables and this constant muck raking ... who knows it could be ...er ... Ian Blair next ?

FREE TERRY - remember what he told the Soaraway Currant Bun 14th February 2003 (ST Valentine's Day - a good day for Massacres Terry ) said .. "he’d like to line drugs barons up against a wall and shoot them." ... Chief Constable Terry Grange talked tough while speaking about Britain’s drug problem. Top Cop - Top policies.

FREE TERRY - the sort of cop we need out on the streets, re-define paedophilia, shoot first, ask the questions later .... now, will you be free next Wednesday, it's an ACPO meeting on Terror but I can skip that ...

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paul said...

Well, at least he gave the war on terror the attention it deserved.

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