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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Michael Abraham Levy, Baron Levy of Mill Hill .. all round shit, liar and blot on humanity

Cristiano Ronaldo had just cracked the first goal past a hapless Wigan goalkeeper for the best football team in the world, when the BBC's Political Correspondent David Thompson posted "Levy's timing unpleasant for Brown" along with a video of the Andrew Marr lobbing soft balls at the diminutive Karaoke King who is peddling his "memoirs" (A Question of Honour) which hits the gutters on Monday.

Levy is an egregious little shit. Influence peddler, glad handing guardian of the Labour glitterati, his slimy presence insinuated itself like a putrid virus in the socialist body politic.

From his eyrie, lounging on the vermilion ottomans next to Jack Straw's office at the Foreign Office, at the heart of Government he spun a vile web, of intrigue, payments, position and peerages and the imposition of a Zionist foreign policy agenda.

Now, having narrowly escaped his fit and proper perch in Pentonville he has been busily bemerding those whom he lastly called his chums. Waving his tiny and delicately manicured hands (he is however said to be hung, such that donkey would be envious), like a carpet seller in a shadowy souk - he took advantage of the chance offered him by the BBC and Andrew Marr - who looked dangerously like falling to his knees at one stage - he now seeks to destroy those left behind in the chaos he and Tony and rest of the Zionist rabble have reduced the Labour Party to.

If there were justice in the world, a mob would be sacking Totteridge Towers , led by the outraged and misled peerage purchasers, my dusky and distant cousin and would be Lord Patel (not forgetting the beautiful wannebe Lady Patel) , Viscount Townsley , Marquess Garrard of Putney , Earl Sir Gulam Noon of Chutney , Baroness Caring of the Ivy, my Lord Aldridge of PFI and Capita Rod Aldridge, and in the rear a bitter and red faced Ruth Turner and Yates of the Yard followed by a howling mob of ghoists of sociliasm past, bearing scythes, burning brands and nooses.


Nothing will happen until the greedy Westminster caravan can all agree on a scheme whereby they can fleece the tax payers coffers to fund their squalid cabals of influence peddling.

On his single visit to a lap dancing establsihment, Lord Patel fled on seeing a lugubrious youth performing his duties in the interval between "dancers". Armed only with a grimy cloth and a disinfectant spray he set about cleaning the somewhat moistened pole.... he fled.

There must be people similiarly employed to refrsh the upholstery in Sunday Morning TV studios.

PS : Alex Ferguson should be ennobled without delay. Arise Lord Alex of Chewing Gum.

UPDATE : Monday. Toni Fabuloso has been riffling through the signed copy (bound in black morocco -limited edition for the Forum letter writers Club) of Al Cambell's tedious diaries "The Blair Years" and notes that the loathsome little twat Levy is barely mentioned (which is odd) On Page 86 , TB is toiling at Totteridge on his speech for the Brighton Conference ..." Michael's place was a bit over the top for my taste , big security gates,white carpets ..." . ON Page 136 in Cape Town with Nelson Mandela, TB asks him to inscribe a copy for Michael and Gilda Levy .."which I thought was a bit naff". Notably on Page 274 Al remarks on the US Ambassador .." who has a weird and very American, over firm and over friendly handshake, a bit like Levy's" (The text doesn't make clear if it is Michale or Gilda's handshake is referred to).

Interesting to compare say index entries of Alex Ferguson and Philip Gould.

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