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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Operation Theseus : Street Theatre at it's best

So that's it. You see any brown skinned, bearded men carrying rucksacks, wearing baseball caps BBC "acting like ordinary commuters, buying tickets, using escalators" on the Tube .... call the Police.

...... and if they are licking an ice cream ... run for your fucking life.

Just one other thing, on the undated, untimed CCTV ex British Medical Association offices, On the BBC it shows 10 seconds elapse between rear of bus passing doors and first signs of people legging it, @ 10 mph , in 10 seconds the bus would travel 49 yards.

...and is that a CCTV camera just above the door ? Please sir can we see the fillum from that one ...or was that er...not...working ?


Anonymous said...

This latest trial is definitely a show trial ; not to try the defendants but to put into the public domain 'evidence' to reinforce the guilt of the 7/7 'bombers'. Doing this most probably has two purposes; one to allay the growing belief that 7/7 was an inside job and secondly to get the 42-day detention through Parliament. I don't believe the extension of detention has much to do with 'terrorism'. It's far more likely to be a measure to curb civil unrest when the food riots begin.

paul said...

so what if there is no evidence?
How much proof do you need???
They were clearly on an escalator at some time or other!!!

Anonymous said...

definately IS a cctv camera over the door of the BMA. Sometimes I used to park a motorbike right in front of it. BMA Security kept an eye on while I fixed computers in the building

s said...

The batch of videos released do not have anything to do with the 3 accused 'helpers'.
A show trial most definately (but don't mention the 'Operation crack forming an opening; cleft; rift; fissure' connections). I'm sure the jury has been appropriately chosen (from the starting line-up of 150 potential jurors) to return a guilty verdict.

Note again the mention of 'and others unknown' on the court indictment.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Weir J would make of the probative value of this evidence.

Anonymous said...

Not meaning to be obtuse here, but is the only evidence of the guilt of the alleged 7/7 bombers that which is contained in the official narrative? The one where they got the train times wrong?

Does anyone have a link to the narrative?

Anonymous said...

The 'Government Narrative' of 11th May 2006 is available from a link on this BBC page.

Don't forget that some errors have been acknowledged & some amendments have been made.

ziz said...

Relevant evidence is evidence that alters the probability of a fact that matters.

Citizen Z said...

there's more to come apparently

the most vocal, and apparently psychic, 7/7 survivor has just written this comment on the Urban 75 forum...

There is more 7/7 footage to come and more evidence to be shown in this trial that they will not like at all.

There is also a BBC documentary being made which examines ALL the claims/hypotheses of the 7/7 conspiraloons in detail. Peter Power, exercises, bombs under trains, conflicting survivor testimony, patsies, drug mules, pasties, bombers being shot at Canary Wharf, train times. And erm, ''releases the evidence'' ( which was always there only the conspiraloons often have an emotional investment in not seeing it)

I'm particularly interested to hear about the pasties

ziz said...

1. There was morfootage of CCTV on Newsnight last night which appears to be that which Rachel North listed as being shown at the start of the trial. THis ca n be seen on the re-run Newsnight program on iBBC.

2. The pasties are probably from the Sons of Kernow , most of whom have beards but are sunburnt rather than brown.

Dec said...

A question,

If there is (more) surveillance video of Wahid Ali etc. (apart from the kebab shop stroll) with the 7/7 lot & Khyam of the Crevice lot, then they were obviously known about years previously. Why aren't any of these 3 currently on trial mentioned in the Home Office narrative?

For those that know the document, is there any reference to these 'others' (known or unknown) in the narrative?

Freeborn said...

The media blitz of entirely specious evidence against the so-called suicide bombers bespeaks the growing realisation among UK political and security elites that the public have not been convinced by the hogshite that is the official explanation for what occurred on 7/7.

The patsies to whom guilt was ascribed on the same day by Commissioner Blair were on the parallel security exercise that was being run simultaneously with the real atrocity carried out by British political and security elites against their own people.

The state terror that was mounted that day bears all the hallmarks of the operations carried out ostensibly by the "Red Brigades" in Italy in the late sixties and seventies but actually by NATO/US security elites to ensure PCI communists never gained their rightful place at the heart of government.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. They're trying to brainwash the public.

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