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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Protocol spoofing and phishing : Amazing pictures !!!

A remarkable spoof has appeared calling itself ISTAR Handbook which is an elaborate hoax from somebody called Sunshine Press about Field Intelligence which has some neat photographs..

and is full of wonderfully impenetrable ersatz jargon ...

34. Once an ISTAR planner has confirmed that his ISTAR
requirements cannot be met from within organic assets ..... and he
has drawn up a provisional collection plan, he needs to submit
ISTAR bids. Critically ...... if the requirement cannot be met from
within organic assets, an ISTAR planner should either pose an
intelligence question, or bid for an ISTAR product. He should not
bid for an asset. In so doing he allows the Collection Managers
further up the chain to determine the best platform to answer the
question, and thus maximise collection capability with the limited
assets available. There are two processes for bidding for ISTAR
products (although these may vary in different theatres):

Lord know what geeks have sat up producing this ... it is said that if you set up 10,000 monkeys with 10,000 typewriters ....although the unexpected pornographic content is a bit of a surprise.

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