"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Friday, May 16, 2008

US Ambassador in Harare , James McGee is a fucking hypocrite. Hank Cohen revealed

Mengistu Haile Mariam was for 17 bloodthirsty years the quasi Marxist tyrannical ruler of Ethiopia whose fall followed Russian withdrawal of support in 1991. His escape was engineered by the The United States embassy in Zimbabwe which was confirmed in a statement by the then Assistant Secretary of State Herman "Hank" Cohen in 1999. Curiously Mugabe's Public relations consultants, Cohen and Woods International, Arlington,VA. comprises Herman Cohen, and James Woods, ex advisor to President George Bush. Other clients are leaders of Angola and Burkina Faso as is President Laurent Kabila of the Congo.. Cohen is also a member of the panel on Transatlantic Relations and on the Board of Advisors of the National Committee on American Foreign Policy -"Where Leaders meet" ...which is a nonprofit, activist organization dedicated to the resolution of conflicts that threaten U.S. interests.

Up to 500 000 people were killed during Mengistu's so-called red terror, according to Amnesty International. Notoriously, soldiers of the Dergue would not release a victim's body for burial until the victim's family had paid back the cost of the bullet used in killing them.

Installed in the luxury Harare suburb of Gunhill President Mugabe proudly boasted,"Both the Americans and Canadians even offered to assist financially if we could not meet the expenses of looking after Mengistu," he said. "We have not received a cent because we have not requested their assistance. He (Mengistu) helped a lot of the continent's liberation movements."

In March 2001 Mengistu and seven male relatives, all of whom fled Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, when the regime was overthrown by pro-democracy forces in 1991, had become permanent residents on the orders of John Nkomo, the home affairs minister.

Since then he has never been far behind Mugabe.

An Ethiopian court on Tuesday December 12th 2006 found Mengistu guilty in his absence of genocide plus for atrocities committed under his Marxist regime, after a 12-year trial.

At the time William Nhara, a spokesperson for President Robert Mugabe's government, said."As a comrade of our struggle, Comrade Mengistu and his government played a key and commendable role during our struggle for independence and no one can dispute that," William Nhara, a spokesperson for President Robert Mugabe's government, said.

"The judgment is an Ethiopian judgment and will not affect his status in Zimbabwe. As far as we know there is no extradiction treaty between Harare and Addis Ababa."

He planned and was responsible for the execution of Operation Murambatsvina, the controversial home-demolition exercise left at least 700 000 people homeless and affected another 2,4-million people, according to a report by United Nations special envoy Anna Tibaijuka.

After acceptance by Mugabe , menistu took control and planned everything from CIO headquarters in Harare, and was suppoerted by defence forces commander General Constantine Chiwenga, Zimbabwe National Army Commander Philip Valerio Sibanda, Air Force of Zimbabwe Commander Air Marshal Perence Shiri, CIO director general Happyton Bonyongwe, his deputy, Menard Muzariri, and director of prisons Brigadier Zimondi. The police were represented by Deputy Commissioner Godwin Matanga.

The later projec, ostenibly to rebuild dubbed "Operation Garikai / Hlalani Kuhle ", would naturally not accommodate all the displaced people and mainly benefited Zanu-PF supporters caught up in the destruction process.

All of this was a deliberate plan to reduce the population by stravation or forced exodus - it was hugely successful and reduced the population by 25%.

Now we have US Ambassador James McGee , in post for a year, awakening to the bloody reprisals of Mugabe on MDC supporters.

In 2005 the then Oxford educated (Balliol) US Ambasador Chris Dell accused Mugabe and his cronies of corruption.

Yet it was the US (undertaken by Herman "Hank" Cohen ) who inserted the evil virus of Mengistu, who is behind Mugabe's tyrannical plans... and the world's politiians and press stay silent of the role of the US.

Vietnam vet and career diplomat, James McGee doesn't have a monopoly in the role of hyprocrite but his Government have been happy to stand aside and watch how Mengistu has helped Mugabe destroy his once beautiful and productive country.

As for the sinister role of Herman "Hank" Cohen in all this ..... well for a start you won't read about him in the mainstream press or hear about him and Cohen and Woods International on TV. Apologists for bloodthirsty murderers like to keep a low profile. Know what I mean?


name to conjure with said...

And in presenting these awards, I also want to make special mention of someone else, and I'm talking about Assistant Secretary Hank Cohen in his role in this remarkable odyssey. Operation Solomon represents a culmination for his leadership over the years on this question of the Ethiopian Jews. And all of this occurred at the same time when the Angola accords were signed, a negotiation in which, as we all know, Hank Cohen played an extraordinarily important role.

I salute the contribution which all of them have made to this tremendous success in removing the Ethiopian Jews from harm's way and reuniting them with their loved ones in Israel. And I also salute your efforts to bring peace and democracy to that country, to Ethiopia, a troubled country with which we feel a special kinship in spite of the years of bad relations under the previous regime.

And now it's a privilege and a pleasure to get on with this small awards ceremony, but I think I speak for everybody in the audience when I say we do this with grateful hearts. And now I might ask my military aide, Major Boschwitz -- [laughter] -- Major Boschwitz. [Laughter] Sorry -- Major Bonwit to -- close, Dave -- to read the first citation, if you would, sir.

George H.W. Bush, 1991


ziz said...

Operations Promise, Joshua, Moses, Solomon etc., and the evacuation of some 20,000 Falashah or Ethiopian Jews was covered in a post.

Thursday, April 13, 2006
Mengistu / Mugabe and the Falashah and President Bush Snr.


Pres. Bush Snr's plas at the CIA fiured largely in this exodus inwhich there was some still undisclosed deal by Shamirfor mengistu and his cronies to escape before the advancing Eritrean and Tigrean rebels began a concerted attack on Mengistu forces.

His date of departure is uncertain but sometime mid may 1991 and the last El Al flights left on Friday 24th May which required a special perit to fly on the Sabbath.

ziz said...

In the world of Curious Coincidences a name of one of the recipients of awards from georg Snr that day ..."and then one who's not with us today but is ably represented, Robert Houdek, our Charge d'Affaires of our Embassy in Addis, operating under fire, under great pressure, performing admirably. Mrs. Mary Houdek is accepting the award on behalf of her husband who is still in Ethiopia."

Rung a bell ....

Robert G. Houdek, National Intelligence Officer for Africa, concludes in a memo that allegations about Iraq attempting to obtain uranium from Niger are baseless. The assessment, requested by the Pentagon in late December or early January 2003, is sent to the White House. [Washington Post, 4/9/2006] -ie before Wilson went off snufflimg like a truffle hound for NIger uranium cake being sent to Saddam.



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