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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

US finally install General Michel Sulieman as Lebanese President

The UK Foreign Secretary The Boy David Miliband the King in Waiting said today ...""General Suleiman's election as President of Lebanon is an important step forward for Lebanon. The President can be assured of the British government's strong support for him and the people of Lebanon. We will continue to support Lebanon's stability, integrity and independence, and we look forward to President Sleiman working with a Unity Government to bring Lebanon out of its current fragility."

Of course this whipper snapper , Zionist US lap dog will support General Michel Sulieman for no better reason than that he is the glove puppet for the US. As we reported on Saturday, March 29, 2008 Lebanon - UN's 10th useless fucking report on Israeli murder of Hariri and the NATO/US base at Qlieat is coming along just fine. when Eric Edelman, the US Undersecretary of Defense for policy ( who followed the wonderful Douglas Feith ( “Dumbest Fucking Guy on the Planet.” ) , with a hefty parcel of Pentagon planners (Edelman was a recess appointment as his selection was stalled in the senate) arrived in March to slap him on the back.

The arrangement finally arrived, brokered in Doha, Qatar over 5 days negotiations where the US forces have a modest military base covering 1,200 sq. miles leaves 16 Cabinet seats to the Western-backed side, 11 to the opposition, and only 3 to a powerless President.

We repeat this has nothing to do with the Lebanon's two main political factions having agreed to nominate Army Commander General Michel Sulieman as the country's next president who so benfited from the untimely demise of Major General (posthumous) Francois Al-Hajj , who was widely expected to become the next army commander to replace Michel Suleiman. and whom the US appear to admire so much.

Major General (posthumous) Francois Al-Hajj and his driver were killed by a bomb which injured 9 others at Baabda/Yarze which is the HQ of the Lebanese army and presidential palace and virtually impenetrable.

PS : None of this is to suggest that the US Embassy in Beirut/ US State Department / had foreknowledge of the untimely demise of Major General (posthumous) Francois Al-Hajj who was widely expected to become the next army commander to replace Michel Suleiman.
"عوكر تحكم لبنان بالسياسة والامن. ومن لم يصدق هذه الحقيقة، كان عليه ان يتابع الاتصالات التي كان يجريها السفير الاميركي في بيروت جيفري فيلتمان وفريقه، امس، مع قوى الاكثرية، حول ادق تفاصيل الاجراءات الامنية في بيروت."

It was of course a misfortune that fluent Arabic speaker David Welch , US Ambassador to Egypt 2001-5 and now US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs made a surprise visit to Lebanon on 14th December last year - almost simultaneously with the untimely demise of Major General (posthumous) Francois Al-Hajj who was widely expected to become the next army commander to replace Michel Suleiman.

Major General (posthumous) Francois Al-Hajj was the ninth major political figure to be assassinated in Lebanon in less than three years. He was the first military officer to be killed. President Bush condemned his assassination and said interference by the Syrian regime and its allies, aimed at intimidating the Lebanese people, must end.

PPS : We can now expect that the non-existent and entirely illusory base for "training for the Lebanese army and security forces fighting Salafi, Islamist fundamentalists and other needs" at Kleiaat (Qleiat),Bibnin Akkar airport which Hariri was so opposed to (he wanted to develop a freeport) . Which is also remarkably close to nearby Syrian Port at Lathikiya which the Russians are developing as a naval centre.... but ideal fora NATO/US base on the lines of the Qatari monster El-Udeid base, for covert operations against the Syrian regime and to safeguard the oil pipelines of Baku-Tiflis-Ceyhan and Mosul-Kirkuk-Ceyhan... and oddly the brain child of Ariel Sharon.

PPS : Perhaps The Boy David Miliband might take a closer look at political car bombing if he really wants to move into No 10.

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