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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Born again .... or dead in the water ?

There is a curious born again feeling about the (so far) public declarations of support for David Davis. There are some like Tim Collins, BBC 's RentaGobshite on War, Iraq and military pride, you wouldn't really want to travel on the same bus with ... Lord Patel was involved from Day 1 with Craig Murray in successfully unseating the evil Jack Straw in Blackburn in May 2005 - fighting on a single issue ticket.

In this neck of the psephologists dugout we are anxiously waiting for David Shayler to appear ....

UPDATE : The exciting news is that Lord Patel has (with the help of Toni Fabuloso on Make-up) been appointed Official Speechwriter to Miss Gemma Garrett prospective MP for Haltemprice and Howden.

The full texts will be available at her special webpage here.

The first task is to draw up a list of all the legislation which David Davis (59, and boy he looks it) and the Conservative Party have supported the Government which reduces freedom, increases surveillance, proscribes expression of what, where and when a citizen may express their views, maintains databases inaccessible to the public about their movements and personal Details - CCTV - Automatic Number Plate Recognition - Travel (especially to the USA) - DNA (many held by Private companies) - Fingerprints (run by a US defence company) - Bank Transactions (Swift) etc., etc.,

Any help in drawing up this detailed list would be very welcome.

For example :
Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000
2000 CHAPTER 23 (Full text) Which received Royal Assent on 28 July 2000
HMG Explanatory Notes are here
There is a website that tracks the use of this Act : Regulation of Investigatory Powers Information Centre

The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 (full text) Which received Royal Assent on 18 November 2004
HMG Explanatory Notes are here
It is worth noting the Act "confers a power on Her Majesty (or in certain very limited circumstances, a senior Minister of the Crown) to make regulations if an "emergency" has occurred or is about to occur. ...Subsection (1) defines "emergency" for the purposes of Part 1. Events ..... disruption of fuel supplies.

All these speeches will be in the context of The Police State Road Map which if you haven't read it you should, it is available here http://www.policestateplanning.com/chapter_1.htm

Gemma Garret will show that the Conservative Party and their Shadow Home Secretary and wannabe leader David Davis have agreed with every piece of legislation over the past 10 years the only time they have forced a vote in the House of Commons is over 42 days detention without charge in the current Counter Terrorism Bill.

That vote was not to enforce a long held freedom, to defend an ancient right, they gave those away a long time ago, it was held purely to embarass a hounded Prime Minister. Nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't give you bragging rights on the Magna Carta and habeas corpus.

Gemma Garret will ,through a series of superb speeches lay bare the way for a Police State has been prepared, relentlessly and with bi-partisan zeal, and in conjunction with Governments of Foreign Powers.


found on a train sam_m said...

Clearly Lord Patel has tired of using his online alter ego to invite schoolgirls round to pet his gerbils.

Stef said...

^ it's the line about German Oral that makes that post

Stef said...

a few more names for the mix...

Within hours of his resignation, senior Labour aides were suggesting the paper could mount a candidate against him; by Friday morning, ex-Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie had offered to stand. MacKenzie has said the idea followed a party for Sun editor Rebekah Wade's 40th birthday, attended by Murdoch, on Thursday night. But Wade's inclusion on the guest list for a girlie sleepover hosted by Sarah Brown at Chequers this weekend has only fuelled speculation that Downing Street was closely involved in encouraging the Sun to join the fight.

Labour's refusal to say if it will put up a candidate has triggered suspicions that it is seeking a convincing outsider to pit against Davis, with names in the frame including the Glasgow airport baggage handler John Smeaton, who helped to foil an alleged bomb attack there.

The Sun is also said to have considered approaching Rachel North, a survivor of the 7/7 bombings, who has campaigned for justice for the victims, but North said she admired Davis's stand: 'I am a big fan of civil liberties and freedom and democracy, all things that terrorists are not keen on, and I'm pleased that a senior politician has campaigned about this.'

jack worthing said...

John Smeaton?? Yeah, great. That should get the woodwork creaking.

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