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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Could Tesco become a Political Party ?

As a major shareholder in Tesco Lord Patel frequently asks his vast staff, who would you prefer to run the country, this bunch of wankers, the other bunch of wankers or Tesco?

Invariably the answer is the smart guys from Cheshunt, those stores take 1 in every 8 of the pounds spent at retail on the UK and Oirish High Street.

This Poster snapped recently shows how ahead of the curve they are thinking -

1. Zarebas (pic) of cheap booze as you enter to maximise profit(and incidentally tax take) .

2. An alert and very public social conscience proudly displayed.

3. Coupled with some wise concern about staff welfare to keep them free from till time hassles. Especially as the ladettes stock up on clear spirits to charge their water bottles clutched in their pretty pink hands.

Tesco does what it says on the tin...unlike the NHS you get the same treatment anywhere in the UK. You look hard to find an unhappy customer in their stores.... and their IT is up and working 24/7 seven days a week.... which also doubles as a fascinating surveillance tool (which is made available n request to PC Plod whenever he asks) to match anything the Police have.

Tesco have an enviable share ownership scheme (which dilutes Lord Patel's vast shareoldings every year so he takes the divvies in shares to keep up)....and happy staff.

Talking about this to Gemma Garrett who is getting ready for the fray in Haltemprice and Howden with the other 24 candidates, she had a whizz bang idea over the coffee and Kuchen.

She is going to call herself the Tesco Party Girl.

That Gemma wll go far.

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The Underdoug said...

Speaking of political parties, I note that Rupe's new printing plant at Waltham Cross has a Newsprinters logo plastered on its sides. From a distance, it looks suspiciously like a recently redesigned logo for another political party:


Is Prupe the Rupe subliminally declaring allegiances?

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