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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Counter terrorism Bill ..and the Old Bill... Fiction is stronger than the truth

Few of us who were lucky enought to hear Peter Clarke the Sphincter of the Yard .. alas now retired from the stage on a modest pension give the Colin Cramphorn Memorial lecture on April 24th last year , amusingly entitled , "learning from Experience", at the left wing Policye Exchnage when he said .."In case after case, the hand of core Al Qaeda can be clearly seen." (That other old trouper, not to say fluent liar Sir Ian Blair gives the next on the 18th of this month ..tickets available now.)

Now The Sphincter has been released from retirment and is at it again telling the readers of the Daily Telegraph that a barrel of red herrings (?) has been introduced into the august chambers of the House of Commons. As in a racy Boys Own paper yarn he embroiders his cause by tales of , "Scotland Yard Anti-Terrorist Branch officers spent a fortnight sleeping on their office floor." trying to nail the mysterious Dhiren Barot (Who has twice since received the President Karimov boiling water treatment in prison) ..."There was not a shred of evidence against them. The intelligence was clear - that he and his gang were planning attacks in this country, but there was no evidence that could be used in court." ..... but "the pieces of the jigsaw fell into place on the morning of the 14th day". Well I never.Wudja bleeve it ? (No.Ed.)

Mysteriously he says, "It would help if we could shove aside both the politics and the fish." ..is this some Masonic symbol ? ...loaves ... fishes ...?

Perhaps we should remember, as detailed Sunday, May 18, 2008 Sir Ian Blair lies to Parliament (again) Jacqui Smith lies to DailyMail, Max Mosley the jihadist ? Joining the Dots in the War on Counter Terrorism when Sir Ian Blair Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis and Bob Quick, assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan police, with responsibility for counter-terrorism both lied to the House of Commons Committee considering the Counter terrorism Bill . There were / are 15 plots, 12 Plots maybe only 5 or 6 plots .. naturally all of course ..." In case after case, the hand of core Al Qaeda can be clearly seen"

Yeah, Yeah...whatever
If you want to know the truth don't ask a policeman.

BTW ..Scotland Yard said Blair accepted he had made a mistake. His office had contacted the committee’s clerk to clarify the error as soon as it became known.

What next , CEO of Bradford & Bingley ? .. or is the Alzheimer's too far gone ?

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Anonymous said...

you do realieyes that all these draconian new laws and powers are being put in place to make it easier for them to remove any government dissenters from the ball park when in the not too distant future as the populace becomes more and more skint and pissed off and prone to demonstrations etc etc ,,yes folks you will be gonadless and powerless and throwin in the jail without passing go and collecting nothing but a bleak future and powerless to defend yoself in a court of "law"

bend over here comes the big one.


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