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Monday, June 16, 2008

How to buy a Labour MP's vote in one easy lesson by Gordon Brown and Jacqui Smith

Some citizens may have missed the sordid detail of how one Labour MP's vote was purchased after meetings with the Prime Minister ...

Mohammad Sarwar (Glasgow Central, Labour)

I want to thank the Home Secretary and my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister for the various meetings we have held to address the concerns about the impact that counter-terrorism legislation has on law-abiding British Muslim communities. What safeguards can my right hon. Friend guarantee to ensure that individuals who are arrested and detained for more than 28 days are fully compensated for the immense damage done to them and to their families and communities?

Jacqui Smith (Home Secretary; Redditch, Labour)

I am glad that my hon. Friend has been willing to engage in such a constrictive way in ensuring that we deliver provisions that safeguard all our people regardless of their background. He identifies the wholly exceptional nature of holding anybody in detention beyond 28 days and for up to 42 days. I know that he, like others in the community, has expressed concern about those who have subsequently been released without being charged, and because of the representations that he has made, I have asked my officials to develop an ex gratia scheme that, because of the exceptional circumstances, would be available to compensate those who had been detained and then released without charge, or who had faced any other executive action. I hope that that offers my hon. Friend some reassurance, both about the exceptional nature of our proposals and about the fact that they are designed to protect all our communities, regardless of their background.


The Underdoug said...

I thought Gord promised him that his (Sarwar's) son could take over his (Sarwar's) seat (i.e. Sarwar's candidacy for) when he (Sarwar) retires with little or no obstruction from HQ (Labour) or the local party (McLabour) machine. The exchange was just window dressing.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if his son's appeal has been heard yet but if it hasn't is Gordon Brown/secret services going to haul in one of 'their' appeal judges. Or is HMRC suddenly going to discover they've made a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Sarwar announced his decision to retire almost a year ago and Anas Sarwar was selected as Labour's candidate for Glasgow Central 8 MONTHS ago!!!

The Underdoug said...

Anon 1909hrs:

Oh well, what the hell do I know.

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