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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 25th National Catfish Day !!!

It's National Catfish Day. Time for cooking up some catfish on the Barbecue..time to save the woman in your life some cooking chores.

Here's How.

Light the Barbecue after calling a few good 'ol boys, pass round the Wild Turkey, crack a few stubbies. Convince everyone Dan Moreno was the greatest quarter back ever because he lived on a diet of catfish.

1. Take One 3 lb catfish per person, cut off the head, IIf you are from Alabama just bite it off and spit it out) draw the guts, skin.

2. Sprinkly with lemon /lime juice. Marinate.

Pass round the Wild Turkey, crack a few stubbies. Put Dolly Parton's latest CD on ...VERY LOUD . Explain how Joe Theismann broke his leg with a running demonstration. get someone to bring out Ezy Boy.

3. Sprinkle with Tabasco sauce.

Pass round the Wild Turkey, crack a few stubbies. Put some Frank Zappa on ...VERY LOUD

4. Put the catfish on the barbecue, till the surface is cracked black, turnover .Ditto.

Pass round the Jack Daniels as the Wild Turkey has ..er ..run out , crack a few more stubbies. Put some Frank Zappa on ...VERY LOUD Discuss calmly who is going to take the World Series and why it won't be the Patriots this time.

5. Take catfish and feed to cat.

Carry on with Zappa, Jack Daniels until the neighbours call the State Troopers over.

Factoid : Proclamation 5672 -- National Catfish Day, 1987 - June 25, 1987
By the President of the United States of America
A Proclamation - More and more Americans are discovering a uniquely American food delicacy -- farm-raised catfish. More >>


Anonymous said...

especially for you Lord Pattel.Sofa

ziz said...

Many Thanks. Your help and concern is much appreciated.


Is a better group entertainment and you can crank up the watts on the awesome guitar solo.

That's i. No more work today.

It would be blobfish on the menu if Stef hadn't removed the pics.

Anonymous said...

oh yes Roxy Mothers and Elsewhere what a great Band.

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