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Sunday, June 08, 2008

McCain - memory fails him over Katrina - is Al Zheimer making a house call , or is he just lying his way out of trouble ?

Senator McCain on the stump in Baton Rouge last week ..

REPORTER: Senator, Maya Rodriguez at the CBS station out of New Orleans. My understanding is you have voted twice against the creation of a commission to investigate the levee failures in New Orleans. And my question is, why have you voted against that?

McCAIN: I’ve supported every investigation and ways of finding out what caused the tragedy. I’ve been here to New Orleans (once) . I’ve met with people on the ground. I’ve met with the governor. I’m not familiar with exactly what you said, but I’ve been as active as anybody in efforts to restore the city.

I also voted against one of the bills that came down that was loaded with pork barrel projects that had nothing to do with New Orleans too. It had billions for projects and programs that had nothing to do with the recovery of the city of New Orleans.

McCain has actually bragged about opposing the levee commission. Los Angeles Times “[T]here have been many investigations taking place – ” he said on a visit in in April accompanied by dozens of soldiers from the Louisiana National Guard and his beautiful young wife Cindy,that he thought most people in America know “what caused that mismanagement.”

“Never again will a disaster of this nature be handled in the terrible and disgraceful way it’s been handled,” McCain said in remarks addressed to the people of New Orleans and Louisiana.

“History will judge this president,” he said in answer to a question about President Bush’s legacy. “But it will never, ever again happen.”

McCain opposed a 2006 spending bill “that would have provided $28 billion in hurricane relief, and legislation that would have extended unemployment and Medicaid benefits to hurricane victims for several months.”

“Touring the 9th Ward with reporters (film crews not allowed) can’t hide the fact that John McCain voted against billions of dollars in Katrina recovery efforts, emergency healthcare for survivors, unemployment assistance for displaced workers, and even the creation of a commission to find out what went wrong,” said Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean who came out for Obama.
More White House pics of the fun

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