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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Natalie Bracht disappears - oh and five kids as well, on the lam for a month and no National Press

Stef has a fascinating story of the effect of far too many CCTV cameras working.

Start here with rather odd BBC report today (26th June 2008) headlined "London link in missing woman hunt " which is exraordinarily odd because this woman a Mrs Bracht (31 5ft 6in tall, of medium build, with shoulder-length hair) also has in tow her 5 daughters between 5 and 13.

Whilst the report doesn't have any apparent errors it is confusing and really fails to reveal that she left (according to the Shields Gazette by Jessica Foster ten days fater her disappearance) her home in Hendon lunchtime on Saturday, May 17.

The first CCTV images, were captured in Newcastle at 2.38pm on the day she disappeared, show the 34-year-old wearing a red Berghaus-style three-quarter length jacket and jeans or trousers.

The second show her walking through Kings Cross in London later the same day, at 6.20pm, wearing a white flowing robe and headscarf.

The report states that Ms Bracht moved to Sunderland (205 Hastings Street, Hendon, Sunderland, SR2 8SJ. ) in 2006 from Dusseldorf, Germany, and speaks good English with a heavy German accent, apparently she had been an active ant war activist.

Now that is a Mega double good news story - made even better by Det Insp Ford saying: "Natalie does not appear to have had access to money, certainly not enough to look after herself and her five children.

"I cannot rule out that someone or some organisation is offering the family assistance or shelter, possibly for what they believe to be all the right reasons."

The report said Officers from the Metropolitan Police and the British Transport Police are working together with Northumbria Police to further the investigation.

What the report didn't say, and couldn't say was (as explained at the Missing Kids site) that the Bracht children are are subject to Interim Care Orders and Natalie had been assessed previously assessed as having a Histrionic Personality Disorder .

Northumbria Police had to go to the High Court explained Detective Sergeant Dave Willetts to be allowed to publicise this, as it would " help our search for the girls and their mother if the public knew they should be in the care of their local authority."

Today the Avon and Somerset Police report "Missing mum Natalie Bracht, who has mental health problems, has been traced to the Yeovil area of Somerset. " ...Natalie was initially traced to the Harlesden area of London and from there officers have traced her to a commune near Yeovil, in which area police are now focusing their efforts. DCI Ford continued: "We know that Natalie and the girls were at the commune but have since abandoned their belongings and fled.

Anyone with information about Natalie or her children, is asked to call Northumbria Police, on 03456 043 043.

Which may also be related to news from another source with a very odd tale to tell about the itinerant Bracht family. Indymedia report today that Tony Gosling has had contact with Mrs Bracht and has recordings available in MP3 format to downlod of conversations with her.


1. Natalie Bracht. Her story via Tony Gosling

She has been in the UK about 2.5 years .Not long after entering the UK she refused to be recruited by Rabbi Dr. Robert Ash to become an undercover Mossad 'student'as part of Israeli Anti-Muslim activities in London.

Various 'establishment strings pulled through increasing social services harassment to stop benefits, culminating in a fabricated legal case for social services to take away her five children.

Two early morning phone calls alerted her to social worker/police visit in late May 2008 and she departed with children 20 minutes before police (who broke down door to find no-one at home) arrived.

Natalie and her children are now 'on the run'.

Her father is Moshe Baton (Spy for British & Israelis, diplomat in E. Germany. Fell from grace & exiled in Libia 1981 after bribe paid. Believed by Israeli public to be in prison in Israel) Mossad Her apparently ex Husband: Dietrich Shimon-Bracht (Now in UK 'helping police') is an Israeli nuclear military scientist (originally unknown to Natalie)

His grandfather is in the Knesset and the Tel-aviv masonic Grand Master. They have been together for 6 years but have been separated for 4.5 years

There is apparently an 'Untouchables' - Masonic/Zionist cell centring around South Gosforth Reformed Synagogue,
1. Reformed (non-religious) Rabbi: Dr Robert Ash (organiser/handler)
2. David Abrahams (Newcastle) - Labour Party funder
3. Bernard Schaeffer (along with pretend wife wants to 'look after' five children)
4. Sir Jeremy Beecham
5. Dr. Marc Orlim Bereleowitz ('interviews' children)
6. David Hozen - Judge brought in from Manchester to rule in custody case . These names may be misspelled

2. Tony Gosling

On the Indymedia website he claims - He and his fiancee were held at Trinity Road police station in Bristol until 1200 the next day, 25th June.

Both were heavily questioned. They were each arrested three times, a total of six arrests. The arrests in order were, Obstructing a Recovery Order, Theft of a Credit Card and then again for Obstructing a Recovery Order.

The two later arrests were made in the police station where they were still being detained for the first arrest.

The officers in command had come from Newcastle: DC 1077 Fairlamb (M) & DC 8558 Logan (F)

Gosling states that he gave police the key to his home address in Bristol. Nonetheless Officers battered his door down before proceeding to take away printed lists of contact details, two diaries, two mobile phones, a laptop and a desktop computer. These items are still being held at this time.

Gosling feels he was threatened with precocious charges. He states that he cooperated with police, but claims that his rights as a journalist were not respected.

All the charges were dropped shortly before Gosling and his fiancee were released.

Several locations in and around Bristol associated with Gosling were also raided by police. The police are looking for a woman called Natalie Bracht -

Although Gosling states that he can not confirm that the information provided to him by Bracht is genuine, he does stress the importance of sharing her allegations. The authorities have suggested that Bracht is suffering from mental illness and has threatened to kill her own children.

Gosling and others have met with Bracht and her five daughters.

They report normal behaviour between Bracht and her children - this would seemingly contradict police allegations.

It is not clear at this time, but Gosling believes they have found and arrested Bracht today.

Bracht's allegations involve operations carried out on the British mainland by Israeli intelligence agents from Mossad.

In particular activities at the South Gosforth Reformed Synagogue in Newcastle.

According to Bracht she has been on the run from her home in Sunderland since Libyan intelligence officers warned her that the authorities were going to arrest her and place her children in care.

The Libyan agents told Bracht that her father was Moshe Baton (spelling tbc) an Israeli British intelligence officer who defected to Libya.

She believes that Mossad helped to carry out the July 7th bombings and that no Muslims are to blame. Download and listen to the hour long interview to hear other information.

A short and one hour long MP3 can be downloaded from here

This woman does not sound in any way unhinged or incapable of looking after children, balanced, fluent in English, she was able to obtain British Citizenship and got her passports in UK Consulate Dusseldorf, came in via Harwich, provided with a house in Hull and National Insurance number within one week. Then moved to Sunderland and Rabbi arrived to see them. He gave her a mobile phone and £150 pound credit, which she chose not to use.(He turned out subsequently to be Dr Robert Ash) He offered her accomodation and money to be a student in London but she would need an Israeli passport which he could provide.

She claims a Northern Irish "Muslim" attack is to be expected. If found , she says that she will be put in mental hospital and children taken to Israel.

Listen and judge for yourself.

UPDATE : Further to comments below the Sun did in fact carry exactly the same story as the Shields Gazette on 27th May. The Northern Echo group did have an update story on June 5th mentioning a poster campaign.

Interestingly the Camden gazette had a story later on June 18th..."Police now have information that Ms Bracht has visited The London Central Mosque, in Regent's Park, on several occasion in the last few weeks, but they are still no nearer to tracing the family.

Ms Bracht moved to north east England with her daughters from Dusseldorf, Germany, in 2006, but has been psychologically assessed recently as having a histrionic personality disorder. - (although it seems capable of looking quite adequately for 5 kids in the worst Council House Estate in Sunderland - Lord Patel knows it well visiting the I J Dewhirst sewing factory (major M&S supplier in UK at the time) many times)

Symptoms include the constant seeking of reassurance or approval, excessive dramatics with exaggerated displays of emotion and excessive sensitivity to criticism or disapproval. Sufferers also have a need to be the centre of attention, shifting emotional states and a tendency to make rash decisions. Detective Inspector Peter Bent said: "Natalie has been assessed as having a personality disorder and we know that she can seem plausible even when she is not telling the truth." (sounds like say Wendy Alexander, Hazel Blears, etc.,)

They also say Police have been arranging for posting "Missing Person" posters in the NorthEast and London.


Anonymous said...

Why tell us there was no national media coverage when there has been plenty (more than I'd expect for a missing person story) and then quote the BBC national coverage of the story?

Anonymous said...

fact is stranger than fiction

ziz said...

anon @ 12.22 Apologies if you found the story unclear, the first National news (BBC) was yesterday ( the description of the report said "today").

The point was 5 children on the lam for nearly 5 weeks and not a whisper, even then the first reports are all about mum and mention the kids almost as an afterthought.

Hope that clears up both the facts and the comment.

It is very evident that there is a great deal more to this tale, and if you listen to the recordings enough to concern any citizen.

Stef said...

It is a very strange interview and I personally don't know what to make of it - much of what Bracht has to say fits in with material from other sources but all the best disinfo is 95% fact 5% poop

The fact that Tony Gosling is involved doesn't add to my confidence

Whatever his intentions are, good or bad, he has been a leading figure a UK 9/11 Truth Forum which has acted as a handy source of wannabee Messiahs and Holocaust Deniers for the BBC Production team working on a forthcoming Conspiracy Files mockumentary on 7/7 'conspiracy theories'

and whilst I'm on the subject of sincere 7/7 researchers being brought into disrepute, an anonymous new blog appeared recently smearing the media's leading 7/7 survivor - which no doubt 'proves' yet again that 7/7 sceptics are heartless, neo nazi ghouls

there is much distractive 7/7 keyboard monkery taking place at the moment - one can only guess why

Anonymous said...

I listened to her long interview.
Fascinating stuff.One thing that struck me though was just how rehearsed it sounded.It was like she had rehearsed and memorized a story.

Her father an SAS, double agent, nuclear scientist, Israeli living in Libya!!fuck where is Ian Fleming be jeezus!he´d love a plot like that.

Germans are like that however.They have a very logical linear mode of thinking.(married to one guv!)

Anonymous said...

I'll say it again. There has been plenty of mainstream national coverage including the guardian and the mirror and not just in the last couple of days but going back during the whole period of her being on the run. Try doing a little bit of research.

ziz said...

Anon @8.06 Many thanks for your helpful comments, maybe we missed some of the national press. Do help us by providing the links.

We don't have infinite resource and any help in our search towards the truth is welcome.

Mrs Bracht is certainly a lady with a confused and confusing story. The kids seem well fed, have attended school, have apparently borrowed library books, speak clearly and fluently.

The Baader Meinhof stuff seems unlikely, she was too young and any reader here knows we have covered the imprisonment, release, and failure to release BM members and her name has never cropped ap and no searches made so far in German sources does her name pop up.

The great puzzle is where her (and her children's GB citizenship comes from).

As Stef said originally. A story to watch.

Meanwhile we look forward to the links and any new facts not prsented above that shed more light on this mystery.

Anonymous said...

Certainly anyone who has had anything to do with Tony Gosling, the illiterate 'journalist', would not trust him an inch.

Anonymous said...

and whilst I'm on the subject of sincere 7/7 researchers being brought into disrepute, an anonymous new blog appeared recently smearing the media's leading 7/7 survivor - which no doubt 'proves' yet again that 7/7 sceptics are heartless, neo nazi ghouls

That mystery has been solved: it's Felicity Lowde, the woman who was jailed for criminal harassment of North, who recently lost her appeal against sentence and conviction.

Seems that she has been 'inspired' by some of the more out-there past comments made about North on Gosling's 9/11 board and decided to use them in her latest hate-blog.

Doubt whether she has the brains to see it as an opportunity to smear the 7/7 truth movement as well as RN, it's more likely any excuse to publicly attack RN again. Whether RN will use it to have another go at the 'conspiraloons' remains to be seen...

Anonymous said...

It's perhaps telling that in modern parlance, "Troofers" whether of the 9/11 or 7/7 variety are, as far as MSM is concerned, synonymous with Holohoax Deniers.
Never mind the irksome fact, that the "Holocaust" as we continue to be spoon fed it by the same MSM, withstands little close scrutiny.
So little in fact, that an increasing number of states see fit to criminalise any such scrutiny or deviation from the script. Hmmmm

Anonymous said...

They are after Natalie Bracht again, new push with mass media coverage and photo release now showing childrens faces hit the news stands today..17 Nov 08..




Who will help her???

ianjosephs said...

An ANONYMOUS doctor has released confidential medical notes on Natalie Bracht to police,press,and public .Shouldn't that doctor be identified and be struck off?
Histrionic personality disorder is defined by Wikipedia as follows:-
"People with this disorder are usually able to function at a high level and can be successful socially and professionally. People with histrionic personality disorder usually have good social skills, but they tend to use these skills to manipulate other people and become the center of attention."
Doesn't sound dangerous to me! REMIND YOU OF A CERTAIN POLITICIAN RECENTLY RETURNED TO GOVERNMENT ? She has committed no crime because there was no care order in place when she vanished ,as it was obtained later in her absence!
How therefore can it be legal for police to hunt her and her chidren down like desperate criminals when she has no criminal record of any kind,?

Anonymous said...

German police have taken Natalie in for questioning.
Let us hope they will treat her better than the Stazi British. I wonder if the Germans will leverage her, make a deal as they will now realise what she is worth to them!!

At least she is in her home country of Germany, apparently she was captured whilst trying to board a bus for Turkey.


The British authorities, civil and police and MI5 should be ashamed of themselves.

If only they had applied the same care and effort into finding Maddie in Spain !!! It is OBVIOUS something smells with this case that Natalie is worth so much to them they would put all effort into finding her and discrediting her. Now they need to go back to their data bases and apply same effort to the actual real missing cases and leave Natalie and her kids alone.

Anonymous said...

What is the update?

Any news on how Natalie is? If she is now left alone??

Only the update will demonstrate what the truth is with her. I would like to see an independant interview.

Anonymous said...

i dont know where my children are ,i did come out of prison on the 8 th of decembre
it is possible that they want to extradate me back to england
well what else can i say

natalie bracht

Queitsch Hof said...

i am very sorry for Natalie's troubles and happy to see that she had a few months of freedom after the Lybians warned her of the pending raid by police I listened to her long interview and I am sure she was telling the truth. She was probably lured to England where the Israelis intended to get her children as a tool to lure Natalies father out of hiding in Lybia- apparently it is a myth that he is in prison in Israel. What did the Germans do with her- I will have to look in German- auf Deutsch. I wish I could help her.

a_sh said...

her story is real!
type " Nicht ohne meine fünf töchter"
on youtube.

It is in german. Damn this all is unbelievable and she doesnt seem to be a sick person.

That is just crazy.
I believe her. I watched the Videos.

Malcolm X said...

I have read Natalie Bracht's struggle against Government of English and The Secret Service of Israel is called MOSSAD.
She refused Judaism and accept Islam in 2005.
This is The cause of these events.

You can visit this page more information about OUR SISTER is Natalie Bracht:


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