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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Tim Minchin - Funniest thing out of Australia since myximatosis

Tim Minchin is a zany comic and polished pianist who combines the verbal dexterity and wit of Tom Lehrer and Frank Zappa with schoolboy smut and up front Australian lack of domesticity - with all the psychopathic loneliness of Loudon Wainwright can express. His act combines that animal instincts, sexually suppressed sexuality and a fine understanding of the depths of the human condition that makes an audience raw with laughter.

Tim won the 2005 Perrier Best Newcomer Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Guradian review) , the Festival Directors’ Award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF), and was featured at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival in July 2006.

His most recent show, 'So Rock', was nominated for Most Outstanding Show at the MICF and received universally rave reviews.

He has appeared live in the UK at the Soho Theatre and the Lyric Theatre, and at the 'Tickled Pink' breast cancer fundraiser at the Royal Albert Hall of which his rendition of "Inflatable You" about Hazel Blears is avlaiable on video here

He has a website and a My Face site, you are however advised that he appeared on Loose Ends last night on BBC Radio 4 and his "Dancing Bears" reduced Lord Patel (whose shingles are realy beginning to bite) into a savage and tight rictus of intense pain and screaming laughter - that required 40 minutes of clinical massage from Lolla Palooza (Loose Ends - Listen again - until June 6th)

You can download several songs here and his upcoming gigs including a nationwide Autumn tour are listed here

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Anonymous said...

Tim Minchin is no where near as witty as Tom Lehrer.Connoly was a lot funnier in the old days.
I prefer these guys

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