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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Freedom and Democracy with Action Man David Davis and Cameron style - hi-jacking the East Riding Youth Assembly

Gemma was up late but not too late to here the old Welsh Goat Humphreys shrieking at Henry Paulson, US Treasury Secretary, and Chancellor of the Exchequer Alastair Darling ( 2 of the most important and powerful men in international finance whether we like it or not) like a schoolgirl.

He was loudly (and very rudely) interrupting , demanding to know what poor old Alastair was going to do about "Shagger" Applegarth's take home pay etc., ...knowing of course he wasn't going to get an answer rather than ask and get their answers to important questions .... but then that might have been his intention.

Gemma is of course keeping a keen eye on the oposition and rubbing the sleep out of her eyes let a out a loud shriek at reading Green Party Candiate Shan Oakes (another one who won't be knocking our Gemma off the throne) who was invited to attend a meeeting of East Riding of Yorkshire Youth Assembly (a Council body, not a Private organisation - see website)to meet the Dynamic duo , the two Dave's, Dave Davis and his feed Dave Cameron.

Imagine Shan's suprise then , when turning up at the school for the meeting ... they were kept out by a heavy police presence, and refused entrance . After a "great debate" with the Head Teacher, Chris Abbott, helpful but apologetic this was a "private hire" . The promised discussion with the young people (who don't have the vote but show the caring , sharing side and don't ask awkward questions either - ask Tony Blair a past master of the photo-op with the 5th form girls) had been hijacked and turned into a one party PR event for the Tories with no opportunity for legitimate debate.

With the aid of friendly journo and a mike, Shan tried to tackle the Dave Duo - aware of her presence they hurriedly dived into their car (see pic) whilst she was held back by a libertarian minded row of solid Yorkshire constabulary police .

So much for the "Great Debate" says Gemma...."Oooooh !" she shrieked again" Look at David Beckham's 6 pack!"

Happily there was a post mortem with the Youth Assembly, came who were critical of the way it had been handled - 'That’s not democracy!' said one representative.... but that is the way it works at Westminster. More >>

PS - "The East Riding Youth Assembly is a newly formed democratic body for young people set up to provide opportunities for young people from the East Riding of Yorkshire to have a real voice on issues that affect them, not only at local level, but on a county wide basis as well." see their website

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