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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Norwegian street art


sa_mundsen said...

Byzantine as the Postman's trails sometimes are, this one appears to have come from the steps of the Tardis. We glean this from the references to the Olympics and his poetical turn of phrase "Idle minds are the devils' playmates" that he has a mirror site in Scandanavia.

As they say in my country "The Devil finds work for idle hands to do".

It would, perhaps, be more beneficial if he were to allow the lovely Toni Fabuloso to accompany me for a weekend of deep cover hunting, camping and whittling, interspersed with dielectic about the expansion of the European Union and the prospect that in a few years time it will be only Norway and the Republic of Ireland who have any "go" in them.

ziz said...

Thank you for your comment. At school Lord Patel tells us he had an art teacher called William (Bill) Mills who supplemented his meagre teacher's salary by sending cartoons to Punch. He conflated the W and M into a distictive squiggle and became quite a well known contributor. He actively encouraged his pupils to work in a cartoon style.

Lord Patel adopted the name of Zantine .. so that any reader could say,"I like that cartoon it's by Zantine".

Regrettably no-one ever did, as none appeared, but the rejection slips covered a wall (he tells us) in his bedroom. Although as Ozymandias his cartoons achieved a small following in the very early days (80-83) of Personal Computer World (PCW) and also wrote some short stories.

Your request will be passed on to Miss Fabuloso. It might be worthwhile telling you that humping a rucksack is not her idea of fun. She once had a very nasty incident involving a ryggsäk sloesser(skyvekontrollen) which required some careful First Aid and the tender application of a plaster to her "wedding" finger.

Now, Miss Lolla Palooza is a less demanding lady, but she has a heavy TV watching schedule to contend with.

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