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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

UK Government to proscribe Hizballah's military wing - but continue to support the real terrorists in the Middle East - the Apartheid Zionist state

Under Part II of the Terrorism Act 2000, the Secretary of State has the power to proscribe any organisation which she believes 'is concerned in terrorism'. and so The Home Secretary has laid an order that will proscribe Hizballah's entire military wing.

This is what Home Office Minister Tony McNulty said today :

"Today, the Government has laid an Order in Parliament to proscribe the entirety of Hizballah's military wing in substitution for the existing entry "Hizballah External Security Organisation". This means that it will be a criminal offence to belong to, fundraise and encourage support for the military wing of the organisation. Hizballah's political, social and humanitarian activities will remain unaffected.

"Hizballah's military wing is providing active support to militants in Iraq who are responsible for attacks both on coalition forces and on Iraqi civilians, including providing training in the use of deadly roadside bombs. Hizballah's military wing also provides support to Palestinian terrorist groups in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, such as Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

"It is because of this support for terrorism in Iraq and Occupied Palestinian Territories that the Government has taken this action. Proscription of Hizballah's military wing will not affect the legitimate political, social and humanitarian role Hizballah plays in Lebanon, but it sends out a clear message that we condemn Hizballah's violence and support for terrorism. We continue to call on Hizballah to end terrorist activity and its support for terrorism in Iraq and Occupied Palestinian Territories, abandon its status as an armed group and participate in the democratic process on the same terms as other Lebanese political parties."

The Home Office helpfully provides advice that proscription means that an organisation is outlawed in the UK as soon as the order comes into force. It is a criminal offence for a person to belong to or encourage support for a proscribed organisation. It is also a criminal offence to arrange a meeting in support of a proscribed organisation or to wear clothing or to carry articles in public which arouse reasonable suspicion that a person is a member or supporter of a proscribed organisation.

This is symbolic of the long standing, blinkered, bureaucratic, double diplo - speak that the Foreign / Home Office love to issue... of course they never proscribed the based US organisations who openly solicited funds for the IRA for years.

That they are just acting as lackets for the Zionists is evident from the descriptions ... "It is because of this support for terrorism in Iraq and Occupied Palestinian Territories that the Government has taken this action." , Hamas can be elected but then are ignored and despised, whilst forced to live in an apartheid state which is bombed and shelled without mercy every day to be shot like fish in a barrel.

Food , water and eletricity supplies, can be supplied (or destroyed) at the will of the military masters, sewage systems fail and are left unrepaired, free passage is denied, all external communications by air, sea, land are controlled and denied.

But that's OK.

Supporting people who object to such treatment is not says Mr McNulty, why these dastardly Hizbollah actually repulsed the Israeli illegal raids , which started on July 12th 2006, with bombings and shelling on Lebanon .. a prolonged episode as the Western powers stood back and let the Israeli Army and Air Force, destroy key infrastructures, rained down millions of cluster bomblets to be left to continue civilian deaths.... not forgetting even 4 UN observers were killed when their observation post was bombed, reportedly more than 20 times. or the shelling of convoys evacuating villagers from their homes. 33 days of unrelenting terror which killed over 1,000 Lebanese citizens.

Mr Mc Nulty and his Boss Jacqui Smith " condemn Hizballah's violence and support for terrorism" .. it's a pity they don't really condemn the people who do terrorise the Middle East.

It's a pity they haven't followed the case filed in a United States District Court for the Southern District againstthe Swiss mega-bank, UBS AG. The plaintiffs, all of whom had family members injured or killed in Iranian-backed terror attacks, allege that UBS’unlawful eight year-long provision of financial services to the IslamicRepublic at the time Iran was providing material support to terroristorganizations renders the bank liable for the harm that has been inflictedupon them and their families.

Three families who were physically and emotionally harmed by the Katyusha rockets launched by Hizbollah intoIsraeli cities during the 2006 war with Lebanon. This is the first civilaction brought by American victims of Hizbollah’s katyusha rocket attacks.

The allegations against UBS center around the Swiss bank’s involvement intransferring dollars to outlaw regimes such as Iran, Libya and Cuba. The UBS operation was uncovered by American soldiers in Iraq in 2003 who discoveredbrand new dollars, still wrapped in Federal Reserve casings behind a wall in Saddam Huessein’s palace.

A Federal Reserve investigation of the source of the currency determined that UBS was responsible for illegally transferring between $4 to$5 billion to states designated by the U.S. as sponsors of terrorism between 1996 and 2004.

UBS initially denied the extent of the money transfers it had provided to Iran and others, but confronted with overwhelming evidence,eventually was compelled to admit the scope of its criminal activities. UBS,one of world’s wealthiest banks, was fined a $100 millions by the FederalReserve for its conduct.

The plaintiffs allege that without the provision of American dollars toTehran, the Islamic regime would not have been able to support terrorist groups such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hizbollah. The terrorist groups need the easily convertible and readily accepted American dollars to purchase weapons (such as Katyushas) and explosives as well as to facilitatetheir terrorist training programs and to fund suicide bombings. The lawsuit charges UBS, which has a branch in New York, with aiding and abetting Iran’ssupport of terror by illegally providing Tehran the dollars it needed topass along to the terrorist groups for their purchases and attacks. .
“UBS knew full well that the cash dollars it was providing to a statesponsor of terrorism such as Iran would be used to cause and facilitateterrorist attacksby Iranian-sponsored terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Hizbollah and the PIJ,” said Attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner. The plaintiffs are demandingthat UBS compensate them for the injuries they suffered as a result ofIranian terror attacks in Israel.

If Mr McNulty really wants to understand the funding of Hezbollah he might contact Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, Esq. (US) 212-591-0073 (Israel)011-972-523-837020 who will probably be able to advise him more directly about how Hizbollah is funded.

The Israeli State terrist receive their funding directly from the US Government. Last year it was about US$9,6 Billion dollars ... not all in cash most came in the way of the tools of terrorism... Cluster bombs, F16's , Apache Attack Helicopters, Stingray missiles...

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701 of the 11th August 2006 was a unanimous decision which included the demand for the disarming of Hizbollah , which the sovereign Lebanese Government refuse to do, United Nations UNIFIL forces refuse to to do.

So Why does Mr Tony McNulty issue this piffling nonsense ?

So Tony McNulty issues this worthless, pointless decree which solves nothing, produces further enmity and is derided wherever sensible meet.

He can of course proudly demonstrate to the Labour Friends of Israel that he is doing ..er.. something...which will please James Purnell, Manchester's most expensive MP and former Chairman of the LFI and wannabe Labour Party Leader (and PM ?) who as Chair of the All Party Group on Private Equity and Venture Capital 2002-03 made many friends amongst the members of the British Venture Capital Association BVCA whose Chief Executive John Mackie stepped down in 2006. John has just unexpectedly returned after his successor Peter Linthwaite stepped down from his post as chief executive. Linthwaite’s resignation came 2 days after he met the Treasury Select Committee on 12th June to defend the tax benefits of private equity executives.

It is impossible to believe or imagine that the not unwealthy member firms of the BVCA would welcome that the curious and highly beneficial tax reliefs they obtain remain , ( they can treat income realised from their investments as a capital gain and benefit from a 10% tax rate - as can Lord Patel after 2 years) if they could find some cash to fund the Labour Party.... who really are rather strapped for cash at the moment.

Lord Cohen of Apax partners , whilst being a good friend of Gordon is a major investor in Israel and has many like minded friends who might not be too unhappy to dole out some of their largesse if they can be convinced that there would be some residual benefits.


Watching Them, Watching Us said...

There is still no proscription of either the Taliban in Afghanistan/ Pakistan, or of any Chechen rebel group.

Why not ?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. All this charade proves is that Israel-America-UK are completely out of their depth in Iraq and need someone to blame.
This month, Hezbollah.
Last month, Iran.
Next month ... N Korea, Swaziland, Pitcairn Island, Tonga?

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