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Friday, August 15, 2008

7/7 Bombers stunning new London Transport bus CCTV pictures : amazing new evidence : Amazing pictures

Zhen Xing Yang, 25, and his girl friend Xi Zhou, 25, (CiCi to the tabloids) were discovered murdered in their ground floor flat in Newcastle last Saturday.

This remarkable frame from a motion sequence of CCTV on a Newcastle bus , which has no evidential value whatsoever of pretty Xi Zhou catching a bus, will appear in the Daily Mail tomorrow 6 days after the murder to slake the public's thirst for grisly voyeurism.... and boy does this story tick the boxes, pretty girl, Premier football, match fixing, beating the bookies, torture, ritually murdered cats (what sort of beast are we dealing with ?) , Chinese.

Yet of 8,000 hours of CCTV seized by the Met (and seen by no-one else - and for all we know has been trashed) after the 7/7 bombings 3 years ago we have only a smattering of still images.

We will of course get to see those fascinating CCTV pics and motion fillum when the 7/7 inquests are held (with 47 anonymous Plods, SAS, MI5/6/7//8 )..er..eventually. Of course we will. Won't we ?


Tom said...

A friend was unfortunate enough to get hit by a bus, and they sent him a photocopy of on-board CCTV pictures, "before" and "after".

I suppose it would have shown him what had happened if he had lost his memory. But he's basically OK now.

Anonymous said...

It has emerged that the police force who are investigating this crime do not have access to anyone who speaks Mandarin. This has had a detrimental effect on the case thus far.

So, how has Newcastle's Chinatown been policed for the last x number of years???

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