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Friday, August 01, 2008

7/7/2005 memorial unveiled with 4 of the dead missing - Guilt of alleged "suicide bombers" by default

A team led by architects Carmody Groarke including Arup as lead consultant, Colvin and Moggridge as landscape architect and UK artist Antony Gormley as independent artistic adviser have unveiled plans for a memorial to 52 of the the people who lost their lives on 7/7/2005.

The memorial design incorporates 52 steel pillars, one for 52 lives lost in bombings, each 3 metres tall and 15cm square. They will be arranged in four clusters, representing the three Tube trains and one bus on which the alleged suicide bombers struck, and each pillar will be cast uniquely. A nearby plaque will carry an incomplete list of the names of those killed that fateful day.

Pending planning permission, the memorial will be installed in Hyde Park over the winter, with an official opening on 7 July 2009, on the fourth anniversary of the attack.

The design of this memorial is claimed to have been undertaken in conjunction with the relatives of the dead. 4 dead, it appears uncommemorated, are the alleged suicide bombers.

No evidence has been produced in a court of law that the alleged suicide bombers did in fact plan suicide attacks. No evidence has been produced that they made any bombs. No evidence has been produced as to the nature of the devices, how they were triggered, what explosives were used nor who produced them.

Are the lives of Mohammad Sidique Khan (30) Shehzad Tanweer (22) Germaine Lindsay (19)Hasib Hussain (18) not to be remembered ?

If you think the four alleged suicide bombers should not be accepted as guilty be default and that their lives should be incorporated in the memorial in the first instance contact Mr Kevin Carmody , Carmody Groarke,25 Denmark Street, London, WC2H 8NJ or e-mail studio@carmodygroarke.com


Anonymous said...

Excellent report. But who, one wonders, funded this project? Perhaps that would be a clue to the identity of the criminals who planned the tube train bombings.

ziz said...

Should anyone write to Mr Kevin Carmody , Carmody Groarke,they would of course need to point out that an inquest into the deaths of anyone on 7/7 has still not taken place.

Whilst 52 deaths will readily be identified as murder - it remains to be seen (and would be presumptuous of anyone to decide in advance of any evidence given ) that the alleged bombers committed suicide or were themselves murdered by person(s) unknown.

It is therefore of interest that Press comment on the trial of
Waheed Ali, 25, Sadeer Saleem, 28, and 32-year-old Mohammed Shakil where the jury failed to agree on a verdict says that if there is a re-trial (which looks highly likely as they remain in custody)the inquest (said to be scheduled for September) will be further delayed.

It will of course be interesting to see where funds for the memorial come from (the Hyde Park memorial for Lady Di was over £1 Mn) and who has sanctioned (if they have done so already) the site, on what is Crown property.

It is highly likely of course that Carmody Groarke including Arup as lead consultant, Colvin and Moggridge as landscape architect and UK artist Antony Gormley will be providing their creative skills, materials, time, knowledge, experience, wisdom, legal advice entirely free of charge.

Perhaps Boris could (failing the decision to open the Olympic stadium (or any other Olympic building) design, open to global architectural competition) consider having a competition for any such memorial - funded perhaps by a very modest 1p a week contribution from Oyster card users on London Transport - or might that remind every user of the failure of so many CCTV cameras to capture memorable images of the "suicide bombers" strewing the carriages with their identity documents, mobile phones etc.,blowing themselves up, or even being there ?

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