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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Boeing takes tanker bid to the wire - threatens to pull out and leave uncontested Grumman /EADS bid

The USAF tanker contract has already been awarded to Northrop Grumman. Intensive lobbying by Boeing had the contract re-opened.

Boeing now contends that because the government amended the way it plans to price the planes as well as the long-term expenditure of operating the tankers, that essentially this is a new bid for a new project. Sunmitting a re - jigged (rigged ?) bid for the smaller 767-200 - too small with too little capacity, the Boeing bid would again be defeated.

The Air Force's draft proposal announced Aug. 6 gives priority to "fuel capacity and offload, and our 767-200 doesn't fill that bill," Daniel Beck, a spokesman for Chicago-based Boeing, said in an interview with seattle.pi.com. Boeing would have to conduct multiple studies "to come up with a proposal that meets this requirement."

Boeing are now saying that without the deadline being extended beyond the original October 1 they won't bid and say they need six more months in order to properly bid.

Because of the contract size - US$40 Bn and considering Congress want a contested bid, Boeing are relying on the DOD being forced into accepting a delay.

The Wall Street Journal, on Friday say there are rumours of a compromise to extend the timeline by 15 days.

Not time to put out the flags in Alabama ... well not just yet.

PS : No news on the Dreamliner rollout under full power or first flight.

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